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2 Farrands For The Price of 1

I just found out that my dad is now blogging. I added his link to my blogroll.

I have had so many great conversations in the past 24 hours, and I really want to write about them…but I took some extra pain meds to help me sleep tonight, and they are working.

Good night



Memorial Day 2005

This day always makes me miss my Grandfather.

It is very early in the morning on Memorial Day. I am up late suffering from severe pain and am sad because the Pistons lost to the Heat (I can’t stand Shaq).

Kind of a weird day. I strained my back last night doing my stretches from Physical Therapy – so I slept in awhile, then took the girls out to camp so they could see KC and the Glowworms again. Then we came home. I washed the car, played video games, watched movies…

I have been praying a lot in the past couple days. Mostly just asking for something good to happen for us. We have had a run of bad crap for awhile now, and I just feel we are due. I don’t need anything huge, just one nice thing to happen rather than another let down.

Still no word on a sustainable job. My friend Eric is trying to find me something back down in Lansing so we can all be together again. Which would be nice. I like the area and the nature better up here, but I have a lot more friends down there.

I read the Tennessean article on the Emergent Convention (link from Andrew’s website). It was a decent review. The only things that bugged me were:
1. The beginning of the article made it seem as if the point of emergent was to draw bigger numbers into “cooler” churches.
2. They asserted that this is a “protestant evangelical american” thing…yikes.
3. They mention the candles, couches and stuff…I am always touchy about that.

Other than that, a fair article.

This next week I hope to make some more definative decisions as to our next steps as a family. Well, that’s it…I can’t stay awake any longer and the memories of the basketball game won’t haunt me so much now.



Saturday night – Memorial Weekend

While doing my excersizes tonight, I pulled my lower back muscles. Not a great move on my part.

Mel’s grandparents came up for a visit today. We used to live a few blocks away from them in Willamston. Now that we live 2 hours from them, we rarely see them anymore. They took us out to lunch at the famous Lamplighter cafe in town. Then, we took them around Spring Hill and showed them the sights.

I went back into work for awhile and then mel and I took the girls in to see K.C. and the Glowworms. The girls ADORE them.
In the middle of the concert, he called my girls up on stage to participate, it made their whole year!

It was odd being around when I have no part in planning, overseeing or anything. I feel pretty useless right now.
That’s tougher to bear then feeling handicapped.

I am amidst looking for alternative pain management resources on the web. These past few days have been horrible for my CMT. I am in near constant agony.

We got another big bill in the mail today that we simply can’t pay. We have tapped all our funds out already to pay for these medical costs, now we need to come up with an additional $500 bucks, and soon. If anyone reading this could help, we would appreciate it. You may simply click the “make a donation” button to help out.

Thanks for even considering it.


Late Friday night – entering Memorial Weekend.

I just got done watching “The Motorcycle Diaries”

There’s a scene where Che and his pal are volunteering at a lepar colony in San Pablo, Peru. It is a catholic run place where the lepar’s live on the opposite side from the hospital and its staff.

Che and his friend go out of there way to show love and kindness to the sick. After playing a game of football (non-USA), they try to eat lunch but are refused food by the nuns. The reason? Because they didn’t go to mass and the rules state that only those who attend mass get food.

Then, because he has shown them kindness….you see 3 of the sick paitents sneak out food to him.

It made me start thinking of the church and how it is percieved by the rest of the world. In the book “The Celtic Way of Evangelism” George writes that historically there was little difference between civilizing other cultures and “christinizing” them…the Roman Catholic tradional method was to civilize (or romanize) culture then convert…

It’s this whole train of thinking that gets to me. It is like we miss the whole point = like refusing food because someone didn’t attend a church service!

An idea that has plagued me for years is the modern protestant view that if we behave the “right” way, and believe the “right” things, say the “right” words and so on…then we are somehow justified christians that win this prize in the end. But how is it “right” to ignore the injustices around us? How is it “right” to allow Bush to silence any mention of Darfur in Congress? or to silence a women from teaching just because of her gender? or to treat someone different because they have behaviours or tendancies that other “christians” don’t agree with?

The whole thing just gets to me.

Good News?

I am nerdier than 12% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

according to this online test, I am not a nerd (but I am probably not cool either) which is ok. but, doesn’t me taking the test and posting it on my blog make me a nerd?

You and Me

I am finding myself falling in love with my wife all over again. Transitions are weird things. We have been married 9 years this August. We have 2 kids, and 1 dog. We started dating in 94….it’s amazing all the things we have been through in these years.

I still remember the first time we walked together and just enjoyed one anothers conversation. I still remember the agony of walking home alone after dropping her off at her dorm. That girl is part of who my wife is, but she has become such a wonderful women.

I need to remember how lucky I am.

My Spin on Deep Ecclesiology Pt1 (maybe)

Ok, andrew has given me the ‘ok’ to write down thoughts on this deep ecclesiology concept….

Disclaimer: This definition of “deep ecclesiology” is by no means meant to be definitive nor does it try to represent Andrew or Brian’s views and opinions (although some of these ideas may intersect with them from time to time). Please don’t blame Andrew or Brian for any heretical opinions from this poor author.

So, some context to the phrase as given by Andrew today:

The phrase “deep ecclesiology” has been attributed to me. I realize the meaning of a term or phrase is often determined by its contemporary usage rather than its original intent and therefore I plan to honor those who have taken it further and have brought additional insights. I am grateful for their effort and am honored that they saw possibility in the term, perhaps more than i did at the time.

“By ecclesiology, I mean the nature, life and practice of the church, in this instance, that part of the church that is growing and active in the emerging culture. By “emerging church” or “emerging-missional church” I refer to the new church forms that are being started as a response to effective missional work in the global emerging culture.”

That being quoted…here is part 1 – a creed-ish (not the band) beginning

In agreement with Andrew, I refer to ecclesiology as the nature, life and practice of the church. The term deep when attatched to this word is what truly becomes a beautiful thing in my mind.

To me, “deep” ecclesiology is the understanding and practice of/by the Church as it relates to God, God’s Kingdom (on earth as it is in heaven), one another (in a broad sense…more later) and the rest of creation.

In that, we the church understand that we are mutually connected to one another as we are connected together with God and are actively trying to live in rhythm with God’s re-creational movement through His story. We understand that as the church, how we live out the attributes of God means something to everything and everyone else within God’s creation.

We are called to be a blessing to all of creation, and when we see that our understandings and actions are causing others, nature, etc…to remain/get (depending on our view of this relationship) out of rhythm, then we must seek to reconcile these beliefs and actions with God and with one another so that we may indeed be a blessing.

We understand and try to live out a deeper sense of one-ness with the catholic body that is far more broad than may have been imagined previously. (I love the picture that Tony Jones painted a few years ago after his sabbatical. He mentioned that during this time, he began to see the Church as a wider lane highway that doesn’t have 2 or 3 lanes but rather has many many lanes)

We understand and try to live out a life of worship that brings blessing to all things. That all may be caught up with God in awe and wonder.

We try to live out practices that Jesus demonstrates in the Gospels and we do this not only because of individual satisfaction, but because our one-ness with God matters to the world.

Viewing our life patterns as the church which seeks blessing for others alters everything in us. It is this alteration that meshes us together, it is this love that moves in us, through us and despite us.

In this understanding, we value all the forms of the church and seek to learn and grow with these forms – even when we have tension with these other forms *(and further understanding that this tension is to be honored and saught not to be avoided) and as we seek to honor and value these different forms, we seek to embrace our past (the good and the evil parts) as it informs and speaks towards our future.

As we respect these forms, we move forward in new creative forms that represent these understandings and actions that do not seek to replace previous forms, but rather enhance and partner with them to the Glory of God.

—ok, that’s part 1….if Andrew thinks this is decent, then there may be part 2—