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Jobs Talks About The Future Of Podcasts – Softpedia News

Jobs Talks About The Future Of Podcasts – Softpedia News

Go Apple Go!


Rob Bell’s First Book – Velvet Elvis

Go to amazon here and pre-order this new awesome book by Rob Bell. Rob is this cool guy that happens to speak at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, MI. The book is part theological, evangelistic (in an new kind of way) and part autobiographical. Rob invites people into a new life with God with Christ who “had no use for religion.” He shares stories from Mars Hill and will definately rattle some conservative evangelical cages. So in other words, it will be a GREAT book!

p.s. this is the first of 5 books that Rob has in his brain…can’t wait till the others are done (hint hint)

30 Days – A Christian lives as a Muslim for 30 Days (in Michigan)

I just got done watching and taping the latest “30 Days” with Morgan Spurlock (from the independant hit ‘Supersize Me’) on FX. The main premise of the show is that Morgan comes up with a 30 day scenario and then they tape it to see what happens.

Tonight, he asked a white, christian man from west virgina to live with a muslim family (in Michigan) and adopt their customs and traditions for 30 days. It was pretty interesting to watch – as a white, christian man (in Michigan). There were times I found myelf reeling from the closed-mindedness that this man exhibited…but then I cut him some slack because I would have probably reacted similarly a few years ago.

I really appreciated the way that the host family seemed to look past some of the glaring behaviors that were so dis-respectful…but not seemingly intended to be. I also enjoyed watching him slowly get comfortable with the postures of prayer and so on. There was only one time when things got heated between the christian and the host…and that was over racial and religious profiling. I would be upset too!

Later in the show, he travelled up to Howell (Michigan, widely known around here as the Klan capitol of the state) to try and get signatures to end racial profiling against muslims. I pretty muched could have guessed at the response that he got. Pretty sad.

At the end, they had a goodbye party for him, and had a cake that said “Let’s agree to disagree” (well said)

This show made me think of a men’s retreat I went on a few years ago. It was shortly after 9/11, and the speaker was a christian missionary who had been working in turkey trying to convert muslims to christianity. He was brought to this weekend retreat to try and teach us about islam. Sadly, the weekend was filled with hate words and warnings that the true heart of islam is hatred of christians and why it is honorable to kill christians.

I have tried to learn more about this faith and the people I have talked to, the Koran that I read, and so on….I am not struck by any overtly violence. Rather, their love for peace really sticks out. (Which is a value I share) I may not hold the same views or beliefs, but there is a lot that I can respect. I hope a lot of Christians watched this show tonight. The biggest message was that it is wrong to judge 1.2 billion people for the actions of 5 people.

emergent-us: Brian McLaren Reflects on the Emergent Summit

emergent-us: Brian McLaren Reflects on the Emergent Summit

Nerds Have Hearts Too

Gates Funds $436 Million Worth of Radical Health Projects

Great article from India which states that Bill gates has donated $436 million dollars to help relieve Aids/Hiv, malaria, malnutrition and other world problems.

Isn’t that more than the President is donating from the WHOLE COUNTRY?!

Preaching Re-Imagined

Doug’s new book “Preaching Re-Imagined” is coming out soon! Here’s a link to pre-order it. (I am hoping to be able to get a preview copy of it so I can post a review of it on this site as well)


What a hot day! It has been like living in an oven up here the past few days. I think the high today was 94 with 90% humidity.

Last week, my doctor talked to me about some new studies being done with Vitamin D and its affect on nueropothies. He talked about a woman with MS who started taking large amounts of D and it has helped her symptoms greatly. So, I tried it. Currently, I am taking 6000 millagrams a day. This is my 6th day and I have seen a remarkable difference. Today, I only took 1 pain med as opposed to 5. What makes it even more unbelieveable is that we had several large storms go through today and I didn’t experience any pain from them until tonights. (Typically, I experience huge amounts of pain when a rain storm is developing.)

I have had so many encouraging emails, phone calls and face to face conversations today. I just want to say thanks to everyone for your encouragement and prayers. We feel like we may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I found out the dates for the upcoming PBS special that will feature Doug Pagitt’s community and Brian Mclaren. It is a two part series on July 8th and 26th. I remember doug posting something about this a few months ago. It’s kind of weird that more people are knowing about this emergent project. I guess it just seems more personal to me. Anyway, I look forward to seeing the guys on PBS.

I ordered the new Renovare NRSV Bible today. I have been a supporter of Renovare for a few years, so I was pretty excited to find out that they were putting out a “spiritual formation” Bible. The three main editors are Richard Foster, Dallas Willard and Walter Bruggeman. Does it get any better than that?! I also heard that Gayle Bebee – the new president of Spring Arbor University – helped edit this version. I look forward to this coming!

Peace to you all.