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Ah, Spring Hill Friends…

Tonight as I was driving home from work, I was missing my friends up at Spring Hill. So, I decided to all Mike K to talk about coming up for a visit. I accidentally called my old cell number and got Trina (of ‘Murphy’s Trina’ fame) and felt dumb. Of course, Murph called awhile later to remind me of my stupidity. No, she actually called to catch up because I’ve been a poor friend and haven’t called in awhile. (I suck)

I really do miss Evart. Not just SH, but Evart. I miss Crossroads Church, I miss the beauty of the area, but most of all, I miss all my friends up there.

Tomorrow, I go to the doctors office to see why my side continues to hurt a lot. (Kidney stone area pain) My theory> When  I went to the Urologist and saw the X-ray revealing three stones and was told that there was only 1 – that statement was false.

Work’s been rough the past few weeks. I’ve been putting in a lot of effort. I gotta go get some sleep.


Thankful as I watch SpongeBob float on the TV (?)

I am sitting in my livingroom (that I am thankful for) watching my digital cable television (that I am thankful for) which is showing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. My youngest daughter is in our den watching her own show. I am beginning to realize that while I may not make enough money to live on, I have a lot of excess in my life.

I am truly thankful for my wife and kids and extended family. I am truly thankful for Enochs Path. I am truly thankful that God still loves me when I don’t do a good job loving Him. I am truly thankful that I can work right now…

We are getting ready to leave and spend the day with Mel’s family. Should be a good day. I will definately be able to watch the Lion’s game (this year, I’d rather watch the Bronco’s vs Dallas). My in-laws are good people, and they mean well. I keep that in mind.

Well, off to the showers I go. I wish you all a happy thanksgiving.

Sigur Ros

This band may change your life.


Click here to see their video for the song “Glosoli” – amazing.

They played the video at Calvin before the Over the Rhine concert. (They will be at Calvin on Feb. 18th – yes, I plan on being there).

 Check them out! There web site is here.


The World Can Wait

Just returned from a night with Over the Rhine @ Calvin. What a great show!

 We were able to sit w/ our dear friends Katie and Jes (and Matt Krick down the row!). Plus, Jeanette was there and we were able to hang out a bit afterwards.

 OtR played a lot from their latest album, as well as some of their historic songs as well. The opener was Kim Taylor who was great. Her voice is very similar to Karin’s.

Lot’s happening right now, but I will elaborate soon.


Good night.

A Weird Test

I read some friends blogs that are doing this weird test. You are supposed to back in your archieves, find your 23rd post and re-post your 5th sentance from that post. It is supposed to reveal something about your personality. Here’s mine:


I am being very Protestant and Evangelical now – I am going back to read Scripture in order to investigate everything that I’ve been taught.

It is actually a quote from Brian Mclaren, which probably reveals something about my lack of quoting myself.


A very lazy day today. My legs have really been hurting as of late (I think it’s the cooler weather heading in). So, we’ve  basically been sitting around the home and watching movies. We watched ‘Bewitched’ and are now watching the Wizard of Oz. (not with the Pink Floyd ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ playing)

 I’ve been pondering my/our future a lot this weekend. I’ve been getting nervous about how this cold weather will affect my CMT. Last winter, my Dad drove up to see us in December. It took him a LONG time to recover physically from being in the cold for a little bit. Mel and I have been thinking about what this may mean for us down the road.

Enoch’s Path is reading through Acts together as an excersize in figuring out how to be a missional community together. We are in chapters 9-12 right now. I was struck to see how Luke seems to begin one story, pause, start another, then revisit the first one again (Paul’s story, then Peter, back to Paul). It is very “post-modern” of him -yes, I am just being funny.

That’s it for now. 


I’m over at my mom’s house visiting with my dad (who’s up from Chattanooga). He brought his sweet laptop with him and discovered a highspeed wireless connectino. So, I brought over my laptop over and am having fun. He and I have speant the majority of the day together just talking. It has been wonderful.

 Last night Jes *see poem below and Katie came over. They brought over some 3 buck Chuck – yummy. It was awesome to spend time with them. We are REALLY going to miss Jes when she moves.


Gotta run. 


My Friend Jes

My friend Jes…

is brave

is smarter than me

is pretty

is almost un-employed

reads good books

has good convictions

is a vegitarian

loves her church

is moving soon 😦

has great hair

has cool glasses

is easy to look up to

secretly loves my kids

not so secretly loves me and Mel

listens to great music

types on a computer often

should update her blog more often

will be missed while she’s in MN, but will be near to our hearts always