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My Sports Car ID

<h2>I’m a Lamborghini Murcielago!</h2>
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<p><b>You’re not subtle, but you don’t want to be.  Fast, loud, and dramatic, you want people to notice you, and then get out of the way.  In a world full of sheep, you’re a raging bull.</b>
<p> Take the <a href=”Which’>”>Which Sports Car Are You?</a> quiz.<p>
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Goodbye Mario, Again


PITTSBURGH — Penguins star and owner Mario Lemieux, one of hockey’s greatest players, announced his retirement for the second time at a news conference held Tuesday afternoon.

Mario Lemieux

Lemieux, a Hall of Famer who won Stanley Cups and scoring titles and then battled through cancer and heart problems in a comeback, announced his decision at a news conference.

“If I could still play this game I would be on the ice,” Lemieux said. “This is it, and it hurts.”


—-While I think Mario is doing the right thing, it is still hard to see him say good-bye again. Mario is truly one of the greatest players of all time. ————–



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Crap day

Remember that raise and promotion I was getting, well….
not so much.
My boss got an email from an “higher up” that told him that now I and my partner have to do several different things before we can get it.
Basically, this sucks. I’ve done everything asked of me and more. I’m the top seller in the region, and yet, this person still doesn’t think I get a promotion (yes, this is the SAME person that said he thought I deserved one!). So, now I have some big decsions to make.
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How Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones Ruined My Life
I first met Tony at a Youth Specialties convention. I view his book “Postmodern Youthminstry” as a pivotal moment in time for me. It was the first time someone articulated much of what I was experiencing in my faith and ministry. Shortly after Tony be-friended me, I met this tall nordic guy named Doug Pagitt, and like I’ve told him, my life was ‘ruined’ – in the best possible way. Honestly, their friendship was a vehicle towards the second (or third) conversional experience in my life.
I can tell you this, if I hadn’t met these two guys, I wouldn’t be a pastor, let alone a ‘Christian’ at this point. They have opened up new possibilities in my own faith that I never knew existed. In a weird way, they gave me permission to question some old foundations of faith that were chocking the Jesus out of me. I felt trapped and was on my way out. Through this relationship, I was able to experience great theologians, pastors, prayer spaces, ancient practices….etc…
The reason I write this, I am sick of hearing and reading all these people judging these guys for numerous reasons. I am sick of people declaring things about my friends who clearly don’t know them.
The fact is this, a major part of what makes ‘Emergent’ – ‘Emergent’ is this generative friendship, and it is a true friendship. Honestly, the Emergent family has been a profound, true, authentic friendship for me – and since it is so personal to me, every attack I hear or read pisses me off because this is my family.
I wish I could do more than rant on my little blog. I stand shoulder to shoulder with these guys (well, more like shoulder to forehead with Tony). I pray that God maintains his grace and peace with you two as you continue to take hits for all of us this year.
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My Wireless New Life

I’ve been converted to a wireless life. We just got our new NetGear WPN824 MIMO router at home, and we have a wireless router at work now too! So, I am here blogging at work. How cool is this?
I am so happy.
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Pat Robertson Apologizes to Sharon’s Son

go here to read the actual copy of the letter he wrote:
I am glad that he apologized.
I wish he’d stop saying stupid things in the first place.
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Flames of Heaven

Our friend Rob Bell has begun a series entitled “The Flames of Heaven”
visit – and click on ‘listen’
you will see this message under Jan.8th.
Some notes:
Revelation – Apocolyptic writing
To the Jewish mind – Heaven – far less of a physical place to go to, and far more of a realm. A place where things are where things are as God wants them to be. A present reality, not a far off place…
Heaven and Earth are united (marriage)…in Revelation, we see heaven crashing into earth. Is this necessarly a good thing? The earth is invaded by pure unadulterated joy, would that be a good thing for you? If you haven’t forgiven others, then when the One who forgives all comes crashing into earth…would that be heaven for you? If you are stingy, and you find yourself in front of the most generous being…would it be heaven for you?
Is it possible that the flames of heaven are hotter for you than the flames of hell? You never enjoyed worshipping God…and then you are thrust into worship….is that hell for you?
Revelation 22
Three images of heaven – the invasion of heaven
1. Who God is…”v5 there will be no more night…they will not need the light of the sun…God will give them light”
Heaven crashing into earth – is light
He will bring to light, what was hidden in darkness….what was hidden…the secret motives in peoples hearts…in that time people will recieve their due praise.
Luke 12 – be on gaurd from the teaching from the pharasees…”there is nothing consealed that will not be disclosed….” “what you have said in the dark, will be heard in the daylight”
Light will expose EVERYTHING
To live with the reality of heaven, is understanding that everything I say and do matters. Live in light.
God’s judgement – many people have this idea of His judgement is that it is like He has this list and He’s waiting to lay waste “bad” people…but all He has to do is to show up.
Judgement – purity, truth…because that’s who God is.
We aren’t talking about doing good so God will love us more, but the God who already loves us.
2nd Image
Man going on a journey, gives his servants lumps of gold. 19 – master returned. The man who recieved 1 bag of gold, comes back and states an improper view of master and buries the gold
Dirt and Buried – second image
who has done something with what they are given, and those who have buried it.
1 Cor 12. “there are different kinds of gifts…but the same Lord….it is the same God at work…”
talking about a local church putting on display a new humanity as God makes us to be. The gifts are given through God’s Spirit, and are given for the benefit of others. You have a divine resposibility to use your gifts for each other. We all suffer when you don’t use your gifts.
If heaven were to crash into earth, we would find out who has buried their gifts and wasted them.
To be a Christian, is to in anticipation of heaven crashing into earth…I will do my part in bring a little bit of heaven here on earth wherever I can.
What have you been given?
The church is to give herself away for the world….
1 Cor 3 – Third Image
Heb 12 – Consuming Fire
1cor3 – God being fire – many people translate fire as destruction …by the grace….
Gold, silver, costly stones….hay straw…will all be burned up…will test the quality of each person’s work.
Fire is about refinement, purity…
Heaven, the day invading earth…essentially, no impurity can exist in the presence of God because God is pure.
This isn’t buring people up, “what did you do with your life?” I can build a life with hay or straw…or one with Gold and silver.
Most of us have a built in radar in regards to this. certain things you do matter, and some things just don’t.
Ask very difficult questions about what you do with your time.
more soon…
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