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So, I’ve been off of work for a week now. It stinks being ill. Last week, I had some complications with the heat and my CMT so I’ve been home, visiting doctors, getting new meds and getting the run around between docs and my short-term disability people. What joy!

Things are moving ahead with the possibility of getting Enoch’s Path funded by a pretty cool group. I don’t want to go too much into it online because we (EP) need to pray together about it.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that I am alive.



Valued Life?

In 2004, George Bush is quoted saying “we must not use taxpayers dollars to destroy life” (speaking in regards to stem cell research)

In 2006, when asked how many civillians have died in Iraq so far – “about 30,000”

It seems as if life is only valued if that life is pre-American life.

I was in the hospital this past tuesday from complications of my neuropothy. While waiting for the doctors to figure out what was going on, I watched Cspan’s coverage of the Senate voting on stem-cell research issues. While I saw them pass a proposal to increase federal funding to boost stemcell research I was grieved to realize that Bush would stop this research at all costs. Sure enough, the next day he veto’d the bill.

It is odd being one of the people affected directly with this. While I certainly value all life, I also wrestle with the fact that I don’t want my daughters to go through what I am going through. I guess I just wish Bush would be consistant in regards to what lives are precious.

Hotter than Hell?

Man it’s hot outside. My temp gauge says it is 93 degrees outside. That’s too hot for me.

A friend at work said it is “hotter than hell” outside. I asked just how hot hell was, he didn’t know but felt certain it was pretty hot. Isn’t funny how there are just rampant assumptions made about post-life things?

Anyway, tonight EP is taking part in a worship/concert thing in Lansing with a group called the Psalters. It is the first (of more?) co-operative gatherings with other area missional communities. Unfortunately, I need to be home resting because I have a bear of a week ahead of me and only 1 day to rest up. Oh, if you don’t know, I got a type of MD which makes it harder for me to do normal stuff. Anyway, we have another worship type-event thing in Lansing tomorrow that I play a role in, so I figured that I should be there.

Other than the hot-ness, life continues to be pretty normal. Peace to you.

Pearl Jam

Watching pearl jam last night on Vh1 storytellers was great. It was shot at the legendary Limelight club in New York. (where the band played in 1992 with Tool) One of the lyrics stuck with me. It’s a merging of sidenotes from a Who record and a buddhist thought:

“If nothingness is everything, then I have everything”


Eddie talked about the meaning behind the song “Alive” from their first album -ten- and how the meaning has morphed over the years. He talked about how the song was about his youth and discovering major life-altering truth’s. 1. that the man he thought was his dad wasn’t and 2. that the real dad had died.  The lyrics for the chorus “I’m still alive” were originally written as a curse in saying that why should he be alive when his dad was dead. But after watching hordes of fans embrace this lyric as a celebration, he was able to “lift the curse.”

It’s funny how words can change. Years ago, the word ‘gay’ meant to be having a great time. Now, it is used to slander people. A few years ago, while I was still a youth pastor, I was driving up north with the group and some adults. A man sitting to my right as I drove was a professor in science at MSU. We were talking about how the meaning of words change. He told me that just that morning in a lecture, he was illustrating a property in physics that is like a turntable. Then, he tought “these kids don’t know what a turntable is” so he asked them how many knew. To his amazement, all of them raised their hands. After this, I turned to the kid behind me and asked, “Hey, what’s a turntable?” the kid responded, “you mean what a dj spins?”

Ah yes.

Ah, independance

Saturday of July 4th Weekend. Michigan. Conditions: Hot and Muggy
Staying near home today. Still rebounding from the weakness in my legs. So I heard on the radio yesterday that a guy that “cracked the Bible Code” is warning New Yorkers to leave town as he predicts a nuclear bomb will go off sometime between now and the 4th. So, I went to this guys webpage. Not too convincing. In the first line, he talks about all the times he has been wrong. Not a stellar way to start out.
So, I pray that all is safe and well with the New Yorkers.
I am still finding it weird to live this “normal” life outside of professional (should it be called that?) ministry. It’s like wearing shoes that are too small for you, but pretending that they fit nicely. I keep telling myslef that everything I do is ministry and that I don’t need to be “paid” to do it, which is true. It’s just a hard transition after ten years.
Speaking of ten years. This is Mel and my 10year anniversary! While incopacitated the other day, I realized that the wedding band on my big sausage finger doesn’t fit anymore. I haven’t taken it off since we said “i do” but now I have to get it resized.
Anyway, off to hang out with the family.
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