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Ipods in toilet scare airlines

In the “strange but true” department, here’s a story of a guy flying up to Canada to meet some friends he met while playing “Warcraft” and accidently dropped his Ipod in the airplane toilet which caused an inccident. He recaps the experience here.


Loving community enough to share it.

Last week at Enoch’s Path, we were visited by a friend from the RCA. One of the best things he said all night was that we have something pretty special with our community, and it’s so special that we need to not dishonor it by keeping it to ourselves.

One of the biggest tensions with me (and maybe others) has been this whole “marketing” piece when it comes to “being” or “living-out” church. How do we let other people know that they can be loved, and empowered to bless the world through our community without sounding “modern” or “seeker” or whatever?

This continues to be a rub, but one worth wrestling with. Last night, my partner in ministry Eric came up with some pretty creative ideas for this, and I am anxious to see the end result.

As we seek to spread the word, without “spreadin the word” so to speak, I hope that we continue to keep our focus on what it means to be a church community. I pray that we continue to focus on listening to where God leads us to be a blessing.

Anyway, if anyone else out there wrestles with this, please comment and help us out.

Writely Beta

This is my first post using “Writely” the new Google technology that mimiks “Word.”

It’s pretty sweet. You can upload existing Word docs, (and other formats) and edit them online. You can also automatically insert tags for blog posting.

Another thing is that multiple users can log on and edit documents as well!

I am going to keep playing with it.

you should try it too! Go to


Why we fight

Mel and I just got done watching the compelling movie “Why we fight” and it is well worth the time. It examines the military-industrial machine and the Bush (imperialism) plan.

Please watch this film.

Saturday, August 19th 2006

11:12 am

Day off from work. Slept in a bit, and was watching the movie “Zathura” with the kids. Tomorrow is our annual Aldricih family reunion in Lainsburg (apparently there’s also going to be a circus in the same park, should be interesting).

Not too much is new here. I feel like I have been neglecting this blog – probably because when I was a full-time pastor I had more time to write each day. Things are moving ahead with some new plans re: enoch’s path. Mel started working this week, which is nice too.
Ok, this is too random to keep writing. I am obviously tired and can’t think straight. I will try to write more later.


Life work

So last night after work, two guys from the office and I went to the local bar and split three pitchers of beer and some snacks. It was the first time in my life when I have done something so “normal” in the business world. It was a lot of fun. One of them pointed out that we are like a family – only, we spend more time with each other than his family.

Sadly, that is true. I really like the guys/girl I work with, but I spend 8 or more hours a day with them, five out of the seven days a week. That’s not how I want to live the rest of my life. I want my time to be more spent with thoseĀ  I love.

I am working on it…

My life right now

I found this site somehow online. Basically, it sums up what I do all day. Pathetic huh? This guy has all these drawings of jesus including this one:

creepy huh?

if you want to see them all go here.