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I am stunned.

A few moments ago, I got off the phone with my dear friend Amanda (who just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!). I was excited to see that it was them calling and figured they wanted to share some moments of bringing their baby home.

Unfortunately, that was not the news. She told me that our friend (their best friend) Bob was in an accident today and lost his life. Bob started coming to Enoch’s Path w/ Dave and Amanda awhile ago.

I just can’t believe he’s gone. This is now the second friend of EP that we’ve lost in a couple years to auto accidents. It’s hard to muster the emotions right now. It’s too close.

Anyway, I just wanted to post something about him to in some way honor our friendship. Bob’s presence always brought a reaction. Whenever he’d come in the room, we’d all seem to yell “Bob!” and run over to hug him (or maybe that was just what I’d do) . He’d gone through some tough times recently, but always was engaging and interesting. He was a smart, witty guy who loved books and loved to debate. He always brought a fresh perspective to our group. He will be missed.


Stop going to church!

This is something I firmly believe in. For people out there that “go” to church (Christian Churches that is), they need to stop it. It isn’t doing you any good. If your view of church is a place to go to. Then, you have an incorrect view of what the church truly is.

Through the Biblical narrative, the “church” is simply the name give to the people of God – not to any particular structure or place. Never does Paul write to “the first church of Anitoch” rather, he writes to the Church in that city. Now, to be fair, this was at the beginning of the Christian movement. But I truly believe the essence of our downfall is this loss of identity.

We have forgotten to BE -or live as- the Church, and replaced it with slick programming, teaching, productions and marketing. Today, the church manipulates the population into going to the best show rather than sending the people of God out to be a blessing. (Again, I do honestly see some modern business-type churches equipping and sending, but it seems to be the exception, not the rule). The “Church” has become about wholistic person development and more about some big production that will attract people to the show.

So again, just stop “going” and starting “be-ing” the Church. It is time for the Church to realize her birthright and once again be a blessing to the world. Rather than point out all the faults of the world, to seek and mend broken-ness around her.

so, that’s what is on my mind this morning.

Here we go again.

Michigan State

Way to go boys! From the first TD to the amazing Matt Trannon pass TD this has been all MSU! While there was a clear shift in momentum when #18 from ND made a late hit on Drew Stanton out of bounds (which then lead to an angry Matt Trannon getting a personal for fighting back) – MSU is holding strong.

Bottom line: ND is not keeping up with the better athletes on the MSU team.

UPDATE: Well, here we go again! MSU has a huge lead, then falls apart in the 4th. Was it the rain and wind? doubtfull. ND certainly came back and played harder (which I still contend that they are over-rated). Let’s hope we can regain our composure for Illinois next week at the homecoming game.

Birthdays and whatnot

This week, my bride celebrated her 31st birthday!

After work, our dear friends Jes and Katie dropped in and we all went to Applebee’s for dinner where we had the waitresses sing to Mel.

Work was pretty stressfull this week, but ended on a good note.

Not too much more to write, I am anxiously awaiting the MSU vs. Notre Dame game in three hours.

more later….

Senseo Coffee

One of the best things just happened to me. My wife (perhaps the greatest thing to happen to me) has been scowering the internet trying to find “freebies.” In her unyielding quest, she stumbled onto a marketing survey for Senseo Coffee machines. Aparently, the Senseo people were looking for bloggers who drink coffee to write reviews for the machines. So, we both filled them out and I was chosen to recieve a free machine and 18 pods of coffee. I was always intrigued with the commercials I saw about the Sesnseo, but I was not prepared with just how awesome it is!


It is so simple, there’s a water resevour in the back that you fill, then you decide if you want a cup, two cups or a mug of fresh coffee. Hit the button and in 30 seconds, you have the best coffee you can imagine! It even brews a froth on top. I can’t believe how awesome this coffee tastes. It really is the freshest, best-tasting coffee I’ve had at home.


SO, once again I must thank my beautiful wife.

Thank you!


For more information on the Senseo, go to



Hello Blogworld!

Hi, it’s just about Friday here on Thursday night. Tomorrow, I am off work and will travel down to Novi to see my specialist for my CMT. I have begun to take some pro-active steps to take more control of my life, and ways to fulfill a dream of mine (and others) which seems to becoming a reality.

All in all, it is pretty stressfull, but I can already begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

One of the biggest steps for me is partnering with a group of people to help me and a few others minister in our new kind of church around Lansing. That’s pretty great.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and let you know I am still here.



Well, as the seasons change from summer to fall, it only means one thing to me….sickness. I am home with bronchitus and the flu. So anyone that wants to send care packages, please do!