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The Tomb of Jesus

The new documentary coming out about the “discovery of Jesus’ tomb” by James Cameron (of Titanic and Terminator fame) has created some buzz in the past few days. (Sorry, someone told me it was produced by James Cameron, this was a mistake) Already, many from the Church are quickly dismissing it as non-sense primarily because the names in question on the tombs (Mary, Jesus, Judas) were terribly common in that period.

Another problem being raised is in the translation of the name “Mariamene” which Cameron claims is certain proof that the women buried in there is Mary Magdelene. The problem is that this not 100% accurate, and even secular historians argue over the words origins and meanings.

So, I will watch in interest, but of course not expecting anything life-changing out of it…much like the lost vault of Al Capone with Geraldo Rivera when I was in Jr. High.

I am less bothered by the claims of offspring or marriage when it comes to Jesus. Why? Because I don’t believe them to be “deal breakers” for my faith in Him as the God-man, the Messiah, the miracle man. I don’t tend to believe that He was married because there is no critical evidence to support the claim. The problem I have is the notion that they have found Christ’s bones is bunk. Not that I have anything against science, or archeology at all…nor that my faith hasn’t or can not bend around new discoveries, but because as a Bible scholar (of sorts) I can’t imagine why the disciples, and the Roman officials would go so far with their stories of the bodily resurrection as to lie about it (of course, it is recorded that the officials of the day quickly disseminated a rumor that the disciples had stolen the body – which, if that were true, then the body wouldn’t be neatly lying next to the boy and mother). I also can’t imagine Jesus’ being buried in such a public tomb. When, even after His death on the cross was laid in a private tomb, not a private one.

I do understand that this new “discovery” will add fire to those who seek to discredit my belief system. I expect it, and if this is disprove, they will find other “new revelations” to add in the future, such is the nature of faith.

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First Annual Oscar Picks by Chad

Link to – 79th Annual Academy Awards – Nominee List Predict the Winners

Never blogged an Oscar Picks before, so without further waiting here are my picks:

Actor in a leading role:

Forest Whitaker – The Last King of Scotland (I picked it!)

Actor in a supporting role:

Alan Arkin(I Picked It!)

Actress in a leading role:

Helen Mirren – The Queen (I Picked It!)

Actress in a supporting role:

Jennifer Hudson – Dreamgirls (I Picked It!)

Animated Motion Picture:

Cars (Nope, Happy Feet)

Art Direction:

Pan’s Labyrinth (Check! Got it right!)


The Prestige (Pan’s Labyrinth got it)
Costume Design:

Marie Antoinette (I Picked it!)


The Departed (I picked it! Martin Scorsese)

Documentary Feature:

An Inconvenient Truth (like I wasn’t going to pick that!) – I picked it! Way to go Al!

Documentary Short:

Recycled Life (The Blood of Yingzhou District)

Film Editing:

The Departed (I Picked It!)

Forgien Language Film:

Pan’s Labyrinth (The Lives of Others)

Pan’s Labyrinth (yep! Got it right!)

Music (score):

Babel (I Picked it!)

Music (song):

Dreamgirls (any of them) (Mellisa Ethridge-An inconvenient truth)

Best Picture:

The Departed (I Picked It!)

Short Film (animated):

Lifted (wrong – the Danish one did)

Short Film (live action):

Binta and the Great Idea (nope-West Bank Story won)

Sound Editing:

Flags of our Fathers (Letters From Iwo Jima – dang, I was close!)

Sound Mixing:

Dreamgirls (IPicked it!)

Visual Effects:

Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Man’s Chest (Arrr, me gots it right me matey)

Writing (Adapted Screen Play):

The Departed (I Picked it! – Man I’m good!)

Writing (Original Screen Play):

Letter’s From Iwo Jima (Little Miss Sunshine – ok so I’m not THAT good)

– There you go, my picks for tonight. I will try to update them as I watch. We’ll see how good I am at picking. –

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Take to the world…

It’s sunday morning,

I woke up three hours earlier than I wanted to. I am going to be getting a sleep study done in April because I believe that my non-diagnosed sleep apnia is getting worse. I wake up multiple times throughout the night because I can’t breathe or because my mouth is dry. On top of it, I am often up late due to foot/hand pain from my MD.

Typically, we are driving over to G-rap (inside joke, sorry) to be with our friends Jes and Katie. Then, we drive from there to Lansing for our other faith community “Enoch’s Path” which normally begins at 4:30pm. Today, we are having a brunch together at 11am, then talking about “Community” and other things that come up.

So, I am exhausted but can’t miss another week of gatherings with my church family. I miss them terribly. Eric and I are going to be talking about casting an inclusive, preisthood of all believers identity for our communities. This will allow he and I to set up the other 1/2 of Tapestry, a non-profit development aspect. While we’ve both read it, we’ve decided to read Malcolm Gladwell’s awesome book “The Tipping Point” again to help us get in the right space internally so we may properly respond externally to the needed steps to launch this revolution/mission that we have dreamed of. While we will continue to pastor communities, this will not be our sole identity. We are talking about what it means to empower our friends to help pastor one another.

So that’s life in a snapshout.

More soon




Church Plant Blog Creation Available

Dear Church planting friends,

If you have or are about to launch a new church plant and want your own interactive blog/discussion board, I’d be happy to set it up for you. Please contact me at

Peace to you,


Dear Steve Jobs,

As many of you know, I have a slightly out of control addiction to all things Apple. I’ve converted my Acer notebook to look and act like a Mac desktop, and for my birthday I FINALLY got the u2 edition Ipod (and I’ve put one of the Apple logo stickers on the cover of my Acer).

Yesterday, I watched a documentary called, “My date with Drew” which is a movie about a guy who won some gameshow and used his winnings to film a documentary of himself trying to get a date with film star Drew Barrymore. Remarkably, he actually gets a date!

This movie has inspired me to ask (one more time) Steve Jobs to send me a Mac notebook. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I officially emailed Steve my proposal last night. I asked him to one up Microsoft who mailed out several Acer Notebooks which were preloaded w/ Vista to bloggers so that they would promote their new OS online. So, I figure Steve could send me a Macbook (even a refurbished one) which would outperform and run even smoother than the Vista competitors. The other part of my proposal was my promise to mr Jobs that I wouldn’t turn around and sell this Mac on Ebay like the first blogger did who got the Acer!

So, Steve, if you got my email and are now checking my blog out for yourself…I implore you. Let me spread the good news about Apple MacOsX, Computers and Ipods all around the blogosphere. I maintain 6 different sites and have now reached an average of 5000 visits a day on this one. I mean it, I would promote Apple for nothing (other than the computer).

The ball is in your court Steve.

Sleepless in Ionia

Once again, I find myself awake after 2 hours of sleep. Just one the perks that comes with CMT. Ironically, tonight I am watching “Sleepless in Seattle.”

Down the hall from me, the three women in my family are all huddled together asleep on our bed. When I say “our” I mean Mel and my bed. It’s a decently sized bed, but it is barely big enough to fit all four of us. It is cute watching the three of them sleep together. I’ve always said that our two girls look like the evolutionary chart of Mel. It gets even funnier the taller the girls get.

I have three meetings set for this afternoon, I just pray that there will be strong coffee. I’ll need all the help I can get to stay awake later. So, I’m going to sign off and try to get some more sleep for the day…

I’ve pimped my pc


I’ve taken two pathetic steps to make my Acer look and feel like a Mac.

First, as you may now, my darling wife saved her pennies for awhile and bought me a U2 edition Ipod. God I love her.

This special Ipod (as all Ipods) comes with two Apple logo stickers. So, I’ve placed one on the cover of my Acer to give the illusion that it’s a powermac.

Tonight, as I am up in pain, I decided to download Windowblinds and Objectdock that makes the desktop look and act like Mac OSX. It’s awesome. While it still isn’t the full Mac experience, it has placated me for awhile.

yes, i am pathetic. shut up.

P.S. Steve Jobs, this is my second plea to you to ship me a Powermac so that I can tell everyone in my blogosphere how amazing Apple is. I mean it, I WILL NOT sell it on Ebay!! I will keep it and cherish it. PLEASE steve, consider it.