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London Calling


(image from AP via

The news from London is un-nerving. Anytime things like this emerge there I instantly write my mate Jason. (It probably bugs him, but I get worried) I got the email from J this morning who shared my feeling of gratefulness thank no one got hurt this time. I continue to pray for the safety of all Londoner’s.


Minimum wage hike!


As of Sunday, the minimum wage in Michigan is raising up to $7.15 an hour.  This is a long time coming. Gov. Granholm has stated that this is the first of THREE scheduled increases. If you browse my archieves from two years ago, you’ll find the post that was talking about the desperate situation of many working families that can’t afford to live because they make too little from minimum wage jobs.

Thanks Jennifer!

Tigers Game!

It was an awesome day! Here are the pics from it:

Tiger Game

I got to Jim’s office a little early so I could see where he works. I met all his co-workers and boss, and they were all pretty great. Then, we drove down to the park and made our way up to our seats. When we arrived it was 85 degrees and sunny, but as the game went on it dropped to 75 so it was fairly perfect. Our streak continues as neither Jim nor I have ever attended a Tiger game when they loose. They won today 5 to 2, with Sheffield getting the only homer of the game! I guess we should just go to all of them.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures today because when the game started I became entranced with it. Other than the bumper to bumper traffic, it was a perfect day.

Thanks Jim!

Bigfoot Hunt In Michigan

Cnn is reporting that an actual “bigfoot” hunt is going to happen in the U.P. of Michigan. Also not reported, the Loch Ness Monster was spotted in Lake Michigan and the Boogey Man has been spotted in Kalamazoo having tacos with Elvis.

To some, the news of “bigfoot” in the UP would sound strange, but for those of us from Michigan it’s about right. Just watch Jeff Daniels “Escanaba in Da Moonlight” sometime and you’ll catch a glimpse of the humanity up ‘der.’ Many a UFO have picked up the locals for a night out.

Here’s hopin’ dat they get some yummy pasties on da hunt.

You betcha.


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(Kenny Rogers)

Tomorrow morning, I go to Detroit with my best friend Jim to see my first Tiger game in Comerica Park! Literally the last game I saw live was in the old Tiger Stadium. I am really excited to go! Hopefully, Leland will start Kenny Rogers (who was supposed to start today, but the game was rained out)…which is the whole reason I chose this game. I just wanted to see Kenny pitch against his old team after being off with a shoulder injury. The Tigers haven’t been doing great against Texas this series, in fact they’ve lost the first two games….but, I am optimistic.

In other news, we continue a vigil of prayer for our nephew Justin who is at U of M hospital ICU on life support. I feel kind of guilty going to the game while he’s there, but I don’t think I could help him from home any better. Also, I’ll be closer to the hospital from Detroit from home in case something happens.

So Phil, if you are reading this…I am at the game. I may not be moving to Chicago, but I am at the game!!



I was so sad when I heard the news about the fire in Philly that wiped out the Simple Way’s gathering space, and their neighbors. This video is a 6min clip of that news. My prayers are with Shane and all those who were affected on H Block of Kensington.

After a long pause…

My computer is back from repair!!!

They had to install a new hard-drive, motherboard and cooling fan. Now, it seems to run better than ever.

So, we got home from vacation last Wed night. It was a long drive home, but it was a great trip. Thursday, I met with some new friends from 5th Reformed in GR to talk about simple church. Then, Friday I drove to Detroit to visit my doctor. Saturday, we spent most of the day with our dear friends Jes and Katie in GR for our church. Then Sunday found us at our annual “Waterman Family Reunion” at my Grandma’s place in Perry. After, Mel and I caught up with Enoch’s Path.

Yesterday, I went to see “Even Almighty” with some church planter friends and had lunch at this Italian place. It was a church planter retreat that the Synod hosted. It was great to see my friends again and to share some time talking and praying with one another. After, I drove up to Muskegon to hang out with Carlos and Sarah and their simple church “The Mosaic Way.” It was a wonderful time!! I was so glad to meet the people of this community and get a real sense of their community and their passion to live life as the church.

I drove to my sister’s after receiving a call that my grand-nephew Justin isn’t doing so hot and his surgery is being bumped up. Please pray for him, he’s only 2 and 1/2 and has had two heart surgery’s already. I’m going to upload some new pictures today, and I’ll let you know when they are up.

Thanks to all who’ve carried me through this “tough” time with no computer! ha ha