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Remembering Katrina – The Saints Are Coming

In honor of all the lives that were lost, damaged, displaced and forgotten in Katrina…

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How do you pronounce “daimler-chrysler” in German?a: The “Chrysler” is silent(my dad told me that one)

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The Hipster Olympics

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I hate to watch my friends go through painful transitions, but they seem to be a part of this life. Yesterday, a close friend called to tell me he was let go without notice. It’s tragic when people who follow Jesus hurt one another. It seems more painful when you have certain expectations of other church leaders to behave different from CEO’s or other “secular” business men, but that’s what pastors have become today. Their churches are more like businesses than spiritual hospital care centers, or at least a needed oasis within a crazy world. No, churches today have bottom line budgets that exist to further the business of “doing” church and what do they sell? Anything wrapped in Jesus name. You name it, a church is selling it.

Coffee, mints, music, media, lessons and so on…the real tragedy is that people are buying it.

We have settled for this whole thing being “Christian” as an Adjective rather than a Verb. Church was born to be free for all. Not at the cost of the souls of people who can afford to be reached. The Church should and Shall go free (as derek webb would say). I think the modern Church has had 500 years to get its act together, and has time and time again dropped the ball. It is time to demand an “open source” church that exists for people outside of itself. No more propagating Jesus for self-seeking interest. No more.

We must set the Church free.

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Dick Cheney – The Prophet

(ht to Jordon)

I found this via Jordon Cooper. It reminds me of something Adam Sandler once said in his movie “The Wedding Singer,” – “This would have been good information to have YESTERDAY!”

So, what happened between 1994 and 2001 to seemingly erase his clarity of thought on this subject? Hmmmm

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Vietnam 2.0?

So, apparently that whole vietnam rationale that Bush fed us (in front of a room of vets) as to why we must keep our troops in Iraq longer hasn’t really convinced everyone. And by “everyone” I mean the Joint Chiefs of Staff. According to NPR, the Joint Chiefs are preparing to demand that our troop levels in Iraq are cut by 50% next year.


I want to be perfectly clear on this, I whole heartedly respect, and support anyone who defends our country. Philosophically, I am almost a pacifist, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in our troops. I believe in them so much, that I don’t want to see them in harms way longer than absolutely necessary. I tend to fall into the group of people who have had enough of this war that was propagated by lies and continues to drain our economy and has seemingly almost caused a civil war in Iraq.

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Rain, Rain Go Away

So, the midwest is flooding. This after a long drought season earlier in the summer. All the sudden, we can’t seem to shake this rainfall. At least we don’t live in a flood zone. I feel badly for people in Chicago and Iowa. I used to love rainy days, and thunderstorms. Now, they ramp my nerve pain up into overdrive. So, you won’t hear much from me till they are over.

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