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New Site For Enoch’s Path

Friends, after a two year stagnation, our “Enoch’s Path” has been given a facelift. Thanks to Dave Mogle!

Check it out: new site


For the unemployed in michigan



work in the hearts and minds of our state government.

may they cease the bickering and put the state, and the state workers ahead of themselves

may they embrace each other in respect rather than fighting with one another

may they discover a budget that is balanced and fair

may they set a new standard for cooperation

may the employees who don’t report to work in the morning know your peace

may you be the supplier of their needs

may they know you, and know your grace

may you guide our Governor and help her make the right decisions


As Michigan Shuts Down

ublished September 28, 2007
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Civil Service Commission deadlock adds to budget uncertainty

Staff and wire reports

UPDATED 12:54 p.m. — The Michigan Civil Service Commission this
morning rejected a rule Gov. Jennifer Granholm wanted in order to lay
off workers without notice required by state contracts with unions.

The 2-2 split by the commission added a new layer of uncertainty around a possible partial shutdown of state services Monday.

commission chose not to take up a similar rule change that would have
eliminated normal layoff notice requirements for nonunionized workers.

200 state workers demonstrated outside of the Capitol Commons Center,
where the meeting took place. About 200 more packed the meeting.

state’s new fiscal year starts on Monday and the state has no budget.
It has a $1.75 billion budget shortfall that needs to be resolved.

has said she plans to implement a partial shutdown of government
services, including state parks, Secretary of State offices and lottery
sales if there is no budget in place.

Republicans have been
pressing for Granholm to accept a continuation budget that would allow
operations to continue while negotiations proceed.

Union contracts generally require 30-days notice to unions of layoffs and 14 days notice of the specific individuals.

Granholm sought a temporary rule change to bypass that.

Sandra Parker, president of UAW Local 6000, urged the commission to respect the contracts and turn down the rule change.

“The budget crisis is not unforeseen,” Parker said. “It’s been going on for more than six years.”

Bowen, director of the Office of the State Employer, declined to
comment. A Granholm spokeswoman was not immediately available for

State workers protested outside the Capitol Commons
building at Kalamazoo and Pine streets where the panel met, starting at
about 8 a.m.

“It’s upsetting to all the unions that they can
just go and change our contract language at will. The contract is a
commitment by the state and we feel the state should honor that,” said
Jim Johnson, recording secretary for the Michigan Corrections
Organization, one of the protesters.

Union leaders said they
were surprised by the panel vote. A rule change would have waived
layoff notice requirements and other provisions in their union
contracts. The state now may not be able to legally lay off any workers
until sometime next month.

The Granholm administration wanted
the change so it could act quickly in Michigan’s fiscal emergency. No
budget has been approved for the fiscal year that starts Monday, and
it’s possible the state may have to shut down if no deal is reached by
weekend’s end on how to fill a $1.75 billion shortfall.

workers say the stalemate has been artificially created by the governor
and Legislature. Michigan has more than 50,000 state employees, many of
whom could be told not to come to work Monday morning.

of the Michigan State Police Command Officer’s Association said they’ve
voted overwhelmingly to stay on the job if the shutdown occurs. Unless
directly ordered by the governor or their superior officers not to do
so, the command officers — who hold the rank of lieutenant or above —
are willing to serve without pay until the budget crisis is solved, the
association said in a news release.

“We feel the laying off of
trained and dedicated officers is not in the best interest of the
safety of the citizens of this state, and it runs contrary to the
solemn oath these officers took when they became troopers,” said Diane
Garrison, the association’s executive director.

Granholm did not
say specifically in a televised address Thursday evening that she would
continue to have state police on the job. But she did promise to
continue some services.

“If a shutdown occurs, operations that protect the public’s health and safety from immediate danger will continue,” she said.

So here we are friends, two days away from a government shut-down. Last night, Our governor came on the news across the state to warn us that she has enacted a shut-down order which activates Sunday night (or monday am). It has been 8 months of battle for us here in Michigan watching seemingly helplessly as our legislation fights over tax increases or benefit cuts.

Both sides are digging in for a big fight. Shortly after her speech, the Republican’s responded by calling the Gov. out by saying she was using the shut-down to strong arm the Republican’s to pass her budget proposal.

how about this?

Both sides shut up, and pass a budget that cut’s their own salaries first of all and pass the benefits tax that the Gov. wanted a long time ago which would only cost the avg. working family 60bucks a year?!

I pray this shut down is short lived.

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The Night Of Murphy’s Law


Ok, it’s midnight. I’m home. These are two things I can say for certain.

I put the above picture up, because if I didn’t, I couldn’t say for certain that tonight ACTUALLY happened. I think I have 3 and 1/2 witnesses to back up the story.  I’ll try to tell it, but can’t promise how accurate it is…because it still seems impossible to me.

Tonight at 6:30pm, 5 adults and 1child headed to Battle Creek. At 11:30pm, 4adults and 1child came back.

It’s not as scary as it sounds.

Let me start from 1 year ago. The night that the nightmare began…adding to this seemingly dream-state that we are in. A few days before, Anna Mogle was born. She was and is beautiful. Her parents, family and friends were beaming with joy. Then, our friend Bob got into an accident and died.

Flash forward to tonight. Dave, Amanda, Anna, Craig and Sabrina (and myself) left our place and went to the local Beaner’s for a shot of caffeine. That, went fine. It was already raining. We left there, and drove down highway 66 through a terrible thunderstorm, one that made it almost impossible to see the road. I think we were through Nashville when Sabrina phoned me (from her truck) and let us know that she had turned back. The weather was terrible and she figured we probably wouldn’t get in the cemetery to visit Bob anyway.

We pressed ahead. On and off the rained poured. Yet, we pressed ahead. We knew the cemetery closed at dusk, and it was late…and we pressed ahead.

Outside of Battle Creek came, and we followed the roadsigns accurately that Google maps had given us. Yet the closer we came, the farther we got. It was if this cemetery disappeared  at night (a concept that was actually thrown out by the sixth pass). Then, Melody (my brilliant wife) called and reminded me that we have Onstar that gives directions!

That would seem like it would be simple doesn’t it?

We called, got one set of directions. Nope, it wasn’t there. Called again, nope. Third time we had a young women stay on with us until we pulled in the drive to the military cemetery. So, we went to the main building where we printed out a map that showed us the area where Bob is buried. Now, Amanda took over driving for awhile and we followed the map. Sounds simple again right? wrong.

We went completely past the area and went in a big loop. So, then I started driving and we finally found the AREA where he is, but it was like 9:00pm and lightly raining with no flashlights. So, it was pretty hard to find his grave marker. So, we panned out. I was armed with my digital camera that would flash every few seconds brightening my way. Of course, I was in the completely wrong part. Finally, Amanda and Craig found it. (see the above image)

I snapped a few pictures, we shared a few stories. Stood silent, then headed back to the car to find Bell’s brewery in order to pay tribute to Bob. So, once again we found ourselves in need of Onstar. We got some “simple” directions, and headed in towards Kalamazoo. Once again, we found ourselves totally turned around. Called Onstar back, she told us to turn around and go 1 mile. We found Bell’s! So, we changed Anna’s diaper in the middle of the parking lot, then walked up into Bell’s. The guy told us that we couldn’t come in with the baby and that they stop serving food at 9pm. So, I went in and asked for a 6pack of Oberon and went to pay for it…and of course, they don’t take cards. So, I went back to the ATM  in the lobby. Sounds simple right? Once again, nope. We tried to put the card in as the directions showed, no go. Amanda tried hers, no go. Turned it upside down and it finally worked. Then, I got mine, and it worked (upside down). Got the brew, and headed toward 131 north – a quick stop at McD’s for some food.

Then, we headed toward 131north and found ourselves on 37West. So, turned around again and found the sign for Grand Rapids and followed it…once again, a torrential downpour hit us. It got so bad, I could barely see the road. We pressed on. Finally, we got onto 131 northbound and connected to M6 east…and arrived at home at 11:3opm.

Bob, it was worth every minute.

Pray For Liesl

Dear friends,

You may have read this in my emails, but I wanted to send out a general prayer request from MarkO (youth specialties) and his little girl Liesl. She was taken to the hospital three days ago with a high fever and pains. They did some surgery and still can’t seem to figure out what is going on. I can’t imagine how maddening that is for them. PLEASE say a quick prayer for her and the family.


Bush “backs” Clinton?

Cnn is reporting that Bush is predicting that Hilary Clinton will beat out Barak Obama for the Democratic nomination. (Just what Hilary wants, an endorsement from Bush) He also predicted that she’d ultimately loose the Presidential bid to the Republicans.

I think that after all the damage that Bush has done to our country, its image, its foreign policies and so on the Democrats could put up a fart in a jar and that would beat the Republicans in 08′.

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Well, as of today in the USA Today poll, MSU Football is ranked #23 in the country. Kind of weird that we are currently 5th in the Big Ten, just after Michigan who is 2-2, and we are 4-0. For those playing at home, the reason is that UofM defeated Penn who is a Big Ten rival, while MSU has defeated only outside conference teams, including Notre Dame.

But hey, we’re ranked now.