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God Hates Fags Church Looses 11 Million


A York County father who took on religious protestors who picketed at his son’s funeral won $11 million dollars. A judge ordered the Westboro Baptist Church to pay out the cash. They, of course, are trying to appeal the decision. I’ve seen news on these jerks over the past couple years, and my anger grows each time I hear or see them. I don’t know why they see the message “God Hates Fags” as somehow being ‘Christian,’ I just hope they shut up soon.

It’s these asses that ruin the name ‘Christian’ and make Jesus look stupid (something I really try not to do).

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Tom is not my friend!

I’ve had it!!!

I am officially closing my “Myspace” account. I am tired of the dirty spam mails I get, or the dirty posts that people put up. I am sick of it. From now (until they shut down or start sending me spam) on, I’m all about Facebook.



New Friends

This morning, I had the privilege of spending time with the staff of Fifth Reformed Church in Grand Rapids. They allowed me to crash their staff meeting long enough to share about Tapestry and what’s going on with us. For the past few months, two elders from Fifth have taken me under their respective wings and we’ve been navigating a promising course of mutual blessing.

It was a great experience and I truly felt welcome by the staff (which doesn’t always happen with my organic church talk). Thanks to all who made it happen and participated. I truly appreciate your time and ministries.

After this, I drove back to the Ramada Plaza on 28th St. where I re-joined my friends at Thrive! When I walked up, my friend Aaron greeted me  with a hug and told me that they’d just returned from the mall where they passed out propaganda (I mean cards) from the Branch (Chris and Andy, you are sell outs – ha ha). On one side of the “cards” was a reminder to set your clocks back an hour this Saturday…which is a great reminder, and also coincidentally is the same date as the UofM/MSU football game to which I implied that they set it on that date to buy MSU a little more time on the scoreboard (remember 1991)…but on the back side was times, name and directions to the Branch.

Now, I appreciate Andy and Chris’ desire to bring in more people to their community, but this really rubbed me wrong. Why can’t we just focusing on building honest, loving relationships and allowing God to draw people to Himself because they see Him in us?

Anyway, I will be back at Thrive! tomorrow morning to see Brad Fieldhouse, and try to catch up with some other friends (like you Doug).


Bono – The Rolling Stone Interview



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Thrive Blogging

Hey, I’m here in Grand Rapids early this morning to stop in at Thrive (the RCA’s church planting training). I came in early because I knew that my new friend Aaron was hanging around there, plus Neil Tibbet, Doug McClintic and Tim Vink are here.

Right now Neil is talking about serving evangelism. Tim just got done talking about how not to plant churches.

I am going to be leaving in about 20 minutes to go to a staff meeting at Fifth Reformed, then coming back to eat lunch with these guys. Good times!

love one another

“O God, where are you now? O Lord, save somehow…” Sufjan Stevens

“I love the psalms, especially the parts where the writer freaks out and goes all vengeful. To me, it just means the writers were human beings. Vengence is mine, thus sayeth the Lord, but I just want to be about the Lord’s business.” Rich Mullins

i am starting to see that we are all just barely good at this faith stuff, and most of us are totally miserable at it. i think that one reason is that there’s been a complete removal of the true self within Christian circles. people are messy, and Christians are supposed to be neat, tidy, pretty, happy people…right? i guess i don’t see that happening. we are humans.

i have seen too many christians rush to judgment and slow to love. quick to condemn sinners, and weary of being around “them.” i have seen myself hold up an artificial ideal for others and myself and rush headlong into judgment upon them.

it’s easy to know how to take a “stand” on an issue, it’s far more difficult to take a stand against a friend. if we do, it’s often done with tenderness, mercy and humility rather than sharp attacks. i used to be great at stands, but as my body falls apart and my faith has wained, stretched, gotten beaten up, shattered and somehow put back together, I am seeking a new way. a way of hope, a way of love.

a way of love transcends tolerance and acceptance, it begins with love and ends with peace and hope.

jane goodall was asked about how great the world is because of science. she said, “yes, we live in an extraordinary time. but just wait until we live in the age of love.”

this is how “they” will know you, buy the way you love on another. i wonder if “they”do.

Preparing to Scare

So, it’s devil’s night.  Not all of my Halloween’s were  scary. I remember one Halloween, my friend Brian and I decided to walk to his house, then drop off Jim on the way home. We were walking past a big open area next to a local elementary school when all of the sudden these huge spot lights came on shining down on a massive collection of teen’s egging and creaming (our term for spraying shaving cream) one another. It was hilarious to watch them scatter into the woods. Of course, by the time Brian and I returned from our walk my house was covered in toilet paper and shaving cream.

Halloween is such a great holiday. We dress up like superheros and get rewarded with candy.  Of course, my trick-or-treating days have long since past. But it’s great fun. This year, the girls are dressing up like Cinderella and Mulan (and our dog Spike is going to be Snow White).

This is Mel and my second favorite holiday after Christmas.  We love spending October watching halloween movies (Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is a must), and decorating with pumpkins and skulls. We never pass out candy, as we are too busy helping the girls haul in their own treasures. Lately, we’ve been going to Lake Odessa with them because it’s a bit nicer neighborhood and the girls grandparents live there.

It seems odd I guess that we get this much joy out of Halloween, but we do. Oh well, happy haunting!