A Sobering Statistic

Ok, so let me start this story by giving you some back story.

We’ve had an uphill battle with health benefits ever since I was unable to work and got on SSDI. My companies health insurance remained intact, but they doubled my premiums (and didn’t take out the premium like they said they would, then sent us a bill for 9 months of premiums). Then, at the beginning of this month, we found out that in order to keep my health insurance for 2008, our monthly premiums will go from 79bucks – which isn’t a ton of money, but the plan is CRAP – to $190 a month -for the same CRAP plan!

So, I’ve filled out the state application for medicaid to see what the difference would be financially. Now, last time I went to the state, they told me that i’d have to pay the first 800 bucks each month before they’d pay 1cent. On top of this, we are supposed to qualify for food stamps, but no. So, I’m not getting my hopes up. Plus the state of our state budget isn’t the best.

In the midst of this, I’ve been doing all the research I can online about income limits and benefit plans. Guess what I found out? In the U.S., for a family of four the poverty line is $20,500.  Without giving too much away, we officially make 200 bucks more than being impoverished – now, this doesn’t include the housing allowance that is coming in for the next couple years, but we aren’t “comfortable” by any means.

What is sobering to me is that figure is way above the rest of the planet. Comparatively, we are living the high life.


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