Preparing to Scare

So, it’s devil’s night.  Not all of my Halloween’s were  scary. I remember one Halloween, my friend Brian and I decided to walk to his house, then drop off Jim on the way home. We were walking past a big open area next to a local elementary school when all of the sudden these huge spot lights came on shining down on a massive collection of teen’s egging and creaming (our term for spraying shaving cream) one another. It was hilarious to watch them scatter into the woods. Of course, by the time Brian and I returned from our walk my house was covered in toilet paper and shaving cream.

Halloween is such a great holiday. We dress up like superheros and get rewarded with candy.  Of course, my trick-or-treating days have long since past. But it’s great fun. This year, the girls are dressing up like Cinderella and Mulan (and our dog Spike is going to be Snow White).

This is Mel and my second favorite holiday after Christmas.  We love spending October watching halloween movies (Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is a must), and decorating with pumpkins and skulls. We never pass out candy, as we are too busy helping the girls haul in their own treasures. Lately, we’ve been going to Lake Odessa with them because it’s a bit nicer neighborhood and the girls grandparents live there.

It seems odd I guess that we get this much joy out of Halloween, but we do. Oh well, happy haunting!


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