God Hates Fags Church Looses 11 Million


A York County father who took on religious protestors who picketed at his son’s funeral won $11 million dollars. A judge ordered the Westboro Baptist Church to pay out the cash. They, of course, are trying to appeal the decision. I’ve seen news on these jerks over the past couple years, and my anger grows each time I hear or see them. I don’t know why they see the message “God Hates Fags” as somehow being ‘Christian,’ I just hope they shut up soon.

It’s these asses that ruin the name ‘Christian’ and make Jesus look stupid (something I really try not to do).

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5 responses to “God Hates Fags Church Looses 11 Million

  1. Ok, so they make themselves sound like ignorant, hateful, spineless followers (and they probably are) but here is my problem. They are U.S. citizens standing on public property expressing an opinion (loudly). I am not even sure they are protesting. They do not advocate the stopping of funerals. They are promoting themselves at them. Not to compare them to MLK (just the manner of message delivery), but didn’t Dr. King do his best work loudly, on public property and where people had gathered?


  2. yep, dr. king did. however, dr. king gathered within existing policies whereas these rednecks are illegally protesting at military funerals which has been made illegal out of respect for the families. Dr. King was all about peaceable protesting.

  3. Not only do they sound ignorant, hateful… they are! “God Hates Fags”, “You’re Going to Hell”, “Thank God for dead soldiers”, “Thank God for IED’s”, “God hates your tears”, are just a few of the signs they were holding up. In a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to see what true love really is, we have these hate mongers spreading their gospel of condemnation… all the while calling themselves followers of Jesus. This is the type of religious insanity that I believe Jesus stood against.

  4. Actually I don’t think they were technically doing anything illeagal until the law was recently passed. This is why they were allowed to do these things and people had to rev motorcycle engines really loud in order to drown them out. It is also why they had to pass the law in the first place (since there was not one). And isn’t “hate speech” and “intolerance” some of the argument people have used to out law good Christian teaching in place like schools and courthouses?

    Just a thought


  5. Go rent Michael Moore’s old TV show “The Awful Truth” on DVD. There’s an episode with the big pink bus is on it.
    Right after these assholes protested Matthew Shephard’s funeral in ’98 Michael Moore got a pink bus with an upside down triangle on it and loaded it with 30 gay guys & lesbians and they stalked the church at all of their protests flirting with them and cat-calling at them the whole time. It was AMAZING to watch them TOTALLY freak out these homophobes. Didn’t accomplish a WHOLE lot, but it got them to pack up and go home earlier than they otherwise would’ve.

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