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World AIDS Day 2007

December 1st is world AIDS day.

“Just in time for World AIDS Day, (RED) is proud to announce that,
thanks to your (RED) purchases, our partners’ contributions to the
Global Fund have reached over $50 million. (RED) funds are already at
work as part of Global Fund grants in Rwanda, Swaziland and Ghana,
funding programs with a primary focus on the health of women and

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Roger and Me

Roger Smith, former CEO of General Motors has died. You want to know what I love about Roger Smith? Every time his name is mentioned, Michael Moore is also mentioned. This probably makes him roll in his grave, but in the eyes of us mid-michiganites Roger virtually single handedly gutted Flint which is only now starting to turn a corner (in a very tough economic environment).

Moore has gone on to win an oscar, and produced a powerful film about the healthcare system called “Sicko.” GM, on the other hand, is barely hanging on in a market that is being driven by Toyota and Honda who bolstered hybrid vehicles while GM all but ignored this trend up until recently.

What most people do not realize is that Roger partnered with Toyota back in the day to create the Saturn line (which now produces the least expensive hybrid in our market).

Smith was 82.

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Asheville in the winter

I got a note from my dear friends Dave and Manda this morning. They arrived in Asheville at 4am. I am terribly jealous. I used to live there and left part of my heart in those mountains. I wish I could be there, especially because it snowed a few inches today and the wind is blowing very cold!

Have fun y’all.

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Some guys can’t catch a brake!

Rodney King
(Rodney King)

So, Wed. night Rodney King (who was beaten by the LA Police in 1991) got shot with a pellet gun while riding a bike on his way home. Geez, give poor rodney a brake will ya?!


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Nickel Creek and Metallica

Why is nickel creek on my blog you ask? Well, one: they are very talented musicians. two: because Robert Trujillo (the bassist from Metallica) is playing bass with them! – although he doesn’t actually play on the track.

Los Tres Astinko

I hate to say it, but “Los Tres Amigo’s” has fallen from my top spot in Lansing. We ate their last night with some friends, and I’ve been paying for it all day. I feel like crap (and I’m not the only one affected by it). Anytime a place gives me this reaction, I will avoid it from then on. I know it sounds harsh, but if I am paying money for someone else to cook for me, it better not get me ill.

Sorry Amigos!

Cal State Video Game Show

Ok, this may or may not be the coolest band half time show I’ve ever seen!