Hey der

So, I’ve been kind of blog quiet this week. Why? Because my classes at seminary started and want to be sure to find my “groove.”

So far, it’s been great. A lot of work, but rewarding, interesting and fun work.

Another car repair week! We had to take the Volvo in to get the electrical worked on. We lost the lights in the dash, brake lights and headlights. So, they are fixing it now.

It seems like we are all healthy now. At least a lot more healthier than last week!

That’s about it, enjoy the weekend. Go state!


2 responses to “Hey der

  1. hey man, just FYI Mark, Candace & I will not be heading to Mars Hill now. They had a conflict come up and I lamed out. But really I was going to choose between Mars Hill & EP and I felt like going to EP anyway. Gina & her two oldest kids (Wes & Kara) are still going though, so if you’re there maybe you’ll spot them!

    Glad you’re all on the mend over there!

  2. What does Michigan State and a person with cronic diarrhea have in common?

    Neither one is going to make it to the bowl this year.


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