Hey world

Ok, I’m emerging from about 5 straight hours of studying. Greek and counseling to be specific. So I thought I’d write a note to say hi to let my brain rest for a few minutes.

I was able to spend some time with Bruce Mulder from  5th Reformed church in GR yesterday, after having breakfast w/ a life-long friend Chuck Roost (www.intsteward.org). Then, I headed to Hudsonville to meet Eric for lunch and then to a church plant meeting at Fair Haven – which was canceled on my way over. However, I did get to hang out with Doug McClintic for a minute anyway. He’s got this AMAZING chess set on his desk. I don’t if you are like me, but I love chess but suck at it, so I would never dare ask to play with anyone with such a cool set.

The weather is turning cold, and I’m feeling it. Right now, I’m in a sweater, on a heating pad with a table-top heater and our furnace all running. It’s so stupid, but my feet are STILL freezing. Ah, MD.

Tomorrow, I was supposed to be at the Greenhouse with Neil Cole and Brad Fieldhouse, but both are out of commission. So, in stead, we’re taking the kids to Lansing and going on a date (which we haven’t done in a couple months, I know, I’m a horrible husband).

more soon,



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