Go Blue! – wait, did I just say that?

Ok, this is the one day a year that I do in fact root for UofM. It’s THE game day. Ohio at Michigan. The biggest rivalry in college ball, and this year coach Carr’s job is certainly on the line.

Go blue Update: Well, it was a tough loss. We’ll see if Carr sticks around…

Next, Go Green! We take on Penn for our last game of the regular season. It will be nice if we can get a stronger bid. Watch out for Devon Thomas to earn the new school record today in reception. UPDATE: As predicted, Devon Thomas just broke the record in the first two passes!!! Great job Devon!!!!

Another update…Lloyd Carr has announced a press conference at 10am on Monday. If this were a movie, you’d hear that ominous music “dun dun duuuuuu”

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — Jim Tressel got the best of Lloyd Carr again, maybe for the last time.

Michigan coach Lloyd Carr will hold a news conference 10 a.m. Monday at the University of Michigan’s Junge Family Champions Center.

Tressel became the first Ohio State coach to beat Michigan six times in seven years, and the seventh-ranked Buckeyes’ 14-3 victory Saturday over their archrival gave them consecutive outright Big Ten titles for the first time in a half-century.

Chris Wells ran for a career-high 222 yards and two touchdowns and Vernon Gholston and the Buckeyes’ defense dominated Michigan’s banged-up offense.

The Buckeyes (11-1, 7-1 Big Ten) are likely headed to the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1997.

They also hold onto slim hopes of climbing back into the BCS title game, but several teams ahead of them would need to go down.

A win would’ve put No. 23 Michigan (8-4, 6-2) in Pasadena for the fourth time in five years, but the loss might send it to a bowl game prior to New Year’s Day.

The game might’ve been Carr’s last regular-season game at Michigan, where the national championship he led the school to in 1997 is a distant memory while his loss to Appalachian State this year and 1-6 record against Tressel are often mentioned.

Carr led many to believe he would retire after this season when he altered his contract last winter and made sure all of his assistants were given unprecedented, two-year deals in the spring.

Speculation has run rampant that the 62-year-old will announce his plans within days.

Michigan cornerback Morgan Trent said Carr did not address his future before or after the game.

“We’ll just have to wait and see like everyone else,” Trent said.

For Michigan quarterback Chad Henne, tailback Mike Hart and tackle Jake Long, their stellar careers will end with an 0-4 record against Ohio State and a woeful offensive performance in their final game at the Big House.

If Carr tried to fire up his team before the game by saying it would be his last Ohio State game, it didn’t work.

Michigan led 3-0 after the first quarter, but the Buckeyes controlled the game by stopping a one-dimensional offense and handing the ball off to Wells early and often.

Wells put Ohio State ahead with a 1-yard run early in the second quarter and a 62-yard score made it 14-3 on its first snap after halftime.

He had a career-high 39 carries, the most by a Buckeye against Michigan, and he ran for more yards than anybody had for them in the history of the storied series.

The Wolverines struggled on offense in part because Henne was ineffective with shoulder injury and Hart was unable to find room to run against a defense that didn’t have to respect the pass and could concentrate on stopping the trash-talking running back.

Henne, whose throws were usually high or wide, left the field for one series in the third quarter and returned in the fourth.

When he made accurate passes, star receiver Mario Manningham and teammates dropped some of them.

Henne finished 11 of 34 for 68 yards.

Hart had 18 carries for just 44 yards rushing, his first game this year under the 100-yard mark.

He seemed to be relatively healthy after being sidelined with a badly sprained right ankle.

On a wet day, Ohio State quarterback Todd Boeckman fumbled twice, losing neither, and threw an interception in the first half.

After that, Tressel let him throw only once in the third quarter and once in the fourth.

Boeckman completed seven of 13 passes for 50 yards.

Ohio State has claimed three Big Ten titles in a row, earning the last two alone for the first time since 1954-55.

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4 responses to “Go Blue! – wait, did I just say that?

  1. Yea, but it IS a school record at Michigan State, so… Actually I heard about some football players saying they going to train hard to surpass the new record next year. Yup, it is really getting competive at the Pee Wee level.


  2. Geez, that’s a typical Wolverine reaction if I ever heard one. I was being gracious about how terrible UofM played today and was trying to express regret in seeing them getting bowled over by Ohio.

    I do wish that they could’ve played better, and that Henne and Hart weren’t injured (which probably cost them the game).

    This just shows how shallow wolverine’s are. I think your team needs to focus on a new coach who can actually beat Ohio next year…something that Lloyd Carr can’t seem to do.

  3. Chaddington C. Farrand III,

    Abby and I want to get a hold of you one of these days. Text me or email your contact info. We’re pissed that Michigan lost, but I admire Henne and Hart for hobbling out there and playing hurt. The game was fairly even except for the Buckeye’s RB running circles around the defense and putting up over 200 yards. Now we’re off to some worthless NobodyCares.com Bowl while OSU heads to Pasadena at the least. One of my friends in Seattle is from Ohio so we talked smack on the phone throughout the game. He had the last laugh, but we’ll get them next year. I’m interested to see who replaces Carr.

    Matthew C. Davis

  4. Shallow? You mean as shallow as Michigan State in their offensive and defensive backfield?
    Well that is a typical Michigan State response to overwhelming Maize and Blue logic. They are always focused on winning one (possibly two) games(s) a year since stringing together more then that is just unheard of in East Lansing.


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