Yea, that’s right….we beat Penn State.

I thought I was going to have a heart-attack at the end of the 4th period. I’ve been let down too many times, but this isn’t the same old Spartan football team! What a comeback!!! We are down 21 to 7 at the half, we get back and are down by 10, then 3, then 10 again, then 3…..then we score!!

Amazing! Simply amazing!!!!

We watched the ending at our friend Ben’s birthday party. Then, we had to run to Lansing to pick up the girls because my mom’s really sick, and she was watching them. So, we meet them outside of Lansing at the Portland Wendy’s…and who’s sitting in the parking lot? THE PENN STATE FOOTBALL TEAM!

No kidding, they were sitting in the Wendy’s parking lot. But we were nice and didn’t yell anything at them when we drove past. They’ve been through enough today. Oh did I mention that we are officially in a bowl game? Not a bad way to start out a new coaching career Mark Dantonio.

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