So, another great Sunday has come and gone. We spent the morning at Starbucks with our family/friends Jes and Katie. Who are helping to become this community in GR called “Church For the Margins” and we are dreaming out loud about how to create a space for those from the margins may belong with one another.

Then, we headed to Lansing to enjoy an evening with Enoch’s Path. We shared our desires for mission and began dreaming of what we can do. One idea that cropped up was to utilize some of our skills in web creation and help out Lansing Christian Services. Another is to “adopt” a local home for the disabled where we can bring food, games, Bible study or whatever else they need.

So we’re pretty geeked about it.

Tonight, I got four passes to the pre-screening of the latest Disney film, “Enchanted.” So, I’m taking the family out to dinner then a movie to enjoy this film. It is loosely based on Cinderella and/or Snow White, but the characters get pushed down a well and land in real-life New York. The girls will love it I am sure. I can get some more passes if people want to see it for free tonight. You need to let me know before 4 though.



Ok, so we are now back from the “Enchanted” premiere! It was a LOT of fun! First of all, there was a private security firm hired by Disney to ensure that no one went in to record it before the official release. That was kind of fun. I’ve never been wanded in order to see a movie before. We sat down 30 minutes before the showing and watching the room fill with mostly kids and a few scattered adults.

The movie really does a great job in both making fun of almost every other Disney fairytale which was a joy to us parents, but also kept the imaginative spirit that drew the kids in. Well done. I loved the dialogue just after the prince meets the lead princess “Gisele,” after a brief song he says, “I love you we’ll be married tomorrow!” Hilarious.

Patrick Dempsey plays a single day that is a divorce attorney and as a result has lost his spirit in regards to love. The princess is thrown down a well and pops back up into New York as a real person. Here naivety and winsomeness really win over the crowd. It’s really pretty funny watching real life musical enactments and animals helping with dress and chores like the cartoons, and it’s done in a slightly ironic/ridiculus tone.

This is a really fun family movie. I recommend it for parents and kids together, as it makes a great night out. It won’t “change your world” or anything, but it’s fun!

Oh! I almost forgot. Jon Mclaughlin makes a surprise showing in the movie and sings a great song…I just want it noted that I booked him at Spring Hill way before he hit the silver screen…


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