Fred Clause

I think my blog is slowly becoming a film critic blog. In any regards, we are heading to Lansing this morning to take the family out to see “Fred Clause.” Mel got some free passes to an AMC theater, and the closest one is at Meridian Mall. I’ll post my review of the film after we get back.

UPDATE: Ok, sorry my reader friends for the delay. We got back and immediately had “church” with our Grand Rapids friends. I’m just now able to get back on. So, the movie was ok. Not the greatest, but not bad. The whole thing about Santa having a sarcastic, older brother got old pretty quick, plus if you enjoyed Vince Vaughn in “The Wedding Crasher’s” then you’ve already heard most of his script. He even uses the same lines a few times. A lot of good actor’s in this movie. Paul Giamatti is great, but a little dry in the role of Santa (and Melody didn’t like his “look” as Santa). Kathy Bates does a great job as an overbearing mother, and Kevin Spacey plays a great villain. I usually love Rachel Weiss, but she’s pretty forgettable in this movie playing second fiddle to Bates and Vaughn.

I found myself checking my email via cell phone about 45 minutes into it as the story took a turn into boredom. I don’t know if this will become a hallowed holiday film (aka “The Christmas Story” “It’s a Wonderful Life” or even “Christmas Vacation”), but it was a decent distraction from the consumeristic “black friday.”


3 responses to “Fred Clause

  1. So, how was “Fred Claus?”

  2. The only thing I got from your story is: you are “that” guy who checks his precious cell phone during the movie. Consider yourself covered with corn my friend. Do it again and out come the Skittles!


  3. For the record, my cell phone was silent and there was no one else in the theater but us. Otherwise, I never check or open my cell.

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