I Now Endorse Muffler Man of Michigan

(not actual shot from the one I visited. Photo from http://www.michiganmufflerman.com)

Ok, so today I drove up to Starbucks on Knapp Corner in GR to meet a new friend to talk about simple church. We had a great visit, and my dear family/friend Jes showed up and hung out with us. Well, my original plan was to drive back to Ionia Muffler Man to have them put on a couple new clamps for our exhaust system on the Volvo. Jes suggested I go to the one down the road near the corner of the beltline and 28th. I guess she’d been there and they treated her really well. So I said, “why not?! It’s just down the road.”

So we made plans to connect there and then grab some lunch. In the meantime, I found my way there and walked in. A nice women greeted me behind the counter and said it’d be about 5 minutes. (which it was) I also asked if they’d put a new air filter in that I’d bought but didn’t know how to put in, yes I’m a moron when it comes to cars. Anyway, they got right to the car, welded on the new clamps, put in the new air filter then HANDED MY KEYS TO ME AND SAID “Have a nice day!” – I paused, went up to the counter and took out the card to pay…the women said, “oh no,  that’s fine. Just come back if something happens and you need some help.”

I asked again, “can’t I just pay for the parts at least?” – nope.

So, I now officially am telling all of you that if you need any underbody repair work to be done, take it to the muffler man on 28th and E. Beltline – by the way, all their parts have a lifetime guarantee.

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One response to “I Now Endorse Muffler Man of Michigan

  1. You know it IS a sin to lie. It is even a bigger sin to lie on the internet because more people are involved. I think I read that in the Bible.

    Or I may have made it up.


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