Why I Can’t Create Community

I have come to a realization that I, nor anyone, can actually create community. We can become a part of a community, we can add to community, but no one person may “create” community. At best, we can step back and watch a community emerge from the fertile soil. It’s all God. God creates the soil, we tend it. God directs souls to bloom in the soil, we make sure that the blossoms are able to grow naturally. God pulls back and lets community disolve, and we must be able to accept that.

There’s much buzz going on in Christendom that talks about creating community. I believe that these people mean well, and truly believe that they can create something. I also believe that God gives us gifts to nurture and tend the fertile soil but we must start out understanding our place, as gardeners not as soil makers.

There isn’t an easy system to follow, so don’t look for it. No one can give you 5 easy steps to creating community…and perhaps you should be weary of someone who tells you there are. Only humility, grace, listening, and fierce obedience can help.


One response to “Why I Can’t Create Community

  1. Wow, we feel your pain over here, my friend! But you’re right … it’s organic … I can’t make the tomatoes grow, I can only prepare and protect the soil, give them food, water, sunshine, and wait. Community is the same way …

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