Led Zeppelin – Reunion last night “Stairway”!!!!!

I don’t even have the words to say.

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3 responses to “Led Zeppelin – Reunion last night “Stairway”!!!!!

  1. I have words … unbelievable. It gives me hope that maybe other “resurrections” could be possible, ey? 🙂

  2. I appreiate you providing this site to see this historic concert! Althought I wonder why you posted it on an apprently Christian web site. I am also Christian that appreciates late 60’s to early 80’s rock music and cannot remove it from my background! Thank you for providing this site where I can epress my thoughts without predicude.

  3. Dear T, thanks for the kind words. My intent for my blog is not to make it a “Christian” place, as much as a collection of my thoughts and ideas. As a person who tries to live like Jesus, I don’t think that means that I cut off myself to good music. Led Zeppelin was such a big inspiration to me as a musician, I can’t cut them out of my life nor would I want to.

    Thanks again.

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