Happy New Year!

I’ve been pretty quiet this past week, on purpose. Last friday, I took my big Greek exam and decided to get to know my wife and kids again for awhile. So, I’ve stayed away from the computer – for the most part – and have been having a great time!

On Saturday, we traveled to Lansing and saw the new “National Treasure” movie with my mom, “auntie reese”and Mel’s parents. Then, we went to Eric and Kerrie’s place for dinner and then to the live nativity at Pennway Church of God. Monday, we went back to Lansing and celebrated Christmas with my mom and siblings. All in all a very good time. We got back home, let the kids open one present and hit the bed.

On Christmas morning, we were woken at 7:45am and proceeded to open presents with the kids. Then, we got ready and headed over to Mel’s parents place to celebrate Christmas over there. We had a great time, until I started hurting from the cold and snow, and we had to leave early.

Wed through today, we’ve been mostly bumming around home. I’ve been in bed a lot because of the snowstorm. I tried to go spend time with my mentor Bruce yesterday, but didn’t get too far before I nearly ended up in the ditch three times! So, back home I traversed.

On a huge note, we’ve been enjoying our new Nintendo Wii a TON!!! Kailey and I had a few tennis matches and a boxing match (which she won)…and we’ve all been getting better at bowling. We also were able to get a new TV thanks to a new website project I made. So, I went to WalMart (I know, I know) and got a 32″ LCD HD tv by Philips. It’s awesome. It’s sold as a 720dpi yet, it picks up the 1080dpi cable signal! (Thanks to Andy for getting the great deal for us through Charter.)

Anyway, that’s all we’ve been up to. Another couple of nice days off coming up, with some friends coming over to the house on New Years Eve (which is a continuing 20some year tradition of ours), which will be fun! We’ll probably head over to Voyage’s Coffee shop in Lowell where our new developing simple church is emerging. They are throwing a benefit/party for the local food bank.

Happy New Year to you all!

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