Top Ten of 2007

Ok, here’s my top ten album list for the past year, based on what I listened to and/or was moved by the most.

1. Once – Soundtrack from the motion picture: Perhaps my fav. movie of the year, and the music is just beautiful.
2. Into the Wild by Eddie Vedder – Soundtrack from the motion picture: Wow my top two were soundtracks. You’d understand if you listened to this album.
3. The Trumpet Child by Over the Rhine: I don’t think I even need to say why, there are simply amazing.
4. Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace – by Foo Fighters: One of my fav. bands around today. I love their purist rock drive, taylor’s straight forward playing and of course Grohl’s creativity.
5. Live at Piedmont Park – Dave Matthews Band: The bands first “green” concert. held in Atlanta, there was no parking available and using public transportation was encouraged. Great music, particularly the duo with Greg Allman on “Mellisa.”
6. Remedy – David Crowder Band: I actually don’t listen to much “Christian” music anymore, however I still love good writing and have a soft place in my heart for DCB. This is a great album and even Ted Nugent appears on it!
7. The Ringing Bell – Derek Webb: A great rocking album from one of the best singer/songwriters in Nashville.
8. Mothership – Led Zeppelin: Obviously, no real “new” music here, but a great list of remastered classics.
9. Continuum – John Mayer: Ok, technically this album was released in 2006, but I don’t think I went a month without listening to this album this year (or the follow up “Village Sessions”). I truly believe that John’s talent often gets missed or dismissed because of his pop status, he is probably the greatest new blues guitarist in his generation.
10. Alright, Still – Lilly Allen: I know this is kind of a shock, but we had a lot of fun listening to this sarcastic, ironical, fun album (clean version for the kids) this past summer. Many a warm trip while crancking up “LDN.” Good times.

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2 responses to “Top Ten of 2007

  1. That first movie “Once,” was that the flick about the Irish rocker and the chick that got together and played? She was from another country, I forget which. I wanted to see that one.

  2. How hard is it to balance those “Albums” on your IPOD? Just like to “needle” ya. That was my “Vinyl Thought”.


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