Teach Us To Protest – A Lament, A Prayer and A Dream For 2008

Where have all the hippie’s gone? Where are the Jesus Freaks, the beatniks…the protesters? Where are the sit ins, sit downs, marches, mobs, rallies or assemblies? We are a generation that is so disenfranchised, yet haven’t learned to protest from the previous one. What happened? Isn’t there enough to march for? Can’t we still believe that we can make a difference? Isn’t it true that we don’t have to settle for mediocrity in the white house? Can’t we make our leaders listen still? Please hippies, come back and teach us to love more freely. Come back Jesus Freaks and teach us to be zealous. Come back beatniks and teach us to verse. And protesters, come back and lead us to protest.

I pray we can. My daughter asked me yesterday what I wanted in the new year. This is what I told her:

1. The war to be over, and our troops home.
2. That no one will die of preventable diseases, anywhere.
3. That we will pick a good president as a country.
4. That those who are living in fear, hunger, poverty will experience wholeness and that we the church play our part.
5. That my daughters will continue to grow, be loved and love deeply.
6. That my wife and kids will remain healthy and safe.
7. That our churches will make a difference locally.
8. That u2 puts out a new album.
9. That our country errs on the side of giving rather than taking.
10. That we see with Gods eyes all those we live near.

I dream that our next year will be better than the last. I dream that we will find a leader (he or she) that will help our country heal from the past 8, and will be a healer of relations between the rest of the planet…and will take the environment seriously. I dream that we as a people of God will begin to express the love and grace of God that we say we know. I dream that my Spartans will be in the Rose Bowl next year, and I dream that my Detroit Tigers will have another pennant run, that my Lions can win more than loose, and that my RedWings will continue to skate with honor. I dream that we experience more joy than sorrow, that there are more times laughing than crying and that the majority of hugs that I give out are expressing affection more than comfort. I dream that in this year the state of michigan won’t go broke. I dream that I will be a better husband, a better dad and a better friend than I was last year.

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