A Brief Interlude

At home for the moment. Yesterday, I was able to come home early. My Greek prof let us out at 10am, and Jaco re-scheduled. After a test, I threw some clothes in a bag and took off for home. A stop off at Starbucks (because I stayed up late the night before studying for said test – and honestly I haven’t been to the Holland Starbucks all week!), and I was home by 11:20am.

It was so good to be home. I spent some great time with Mel and the kids. Mel had Tivo’d the new “Ghost Hunters International” and we watched that most of the afternoon. This is a show on the Discovery Channel where these guys and their team go around to places that claim to have paranormal activity and try to scientifically disprove them (and 80% of the time, they do). It’s a captivating show. We have had some good conversations about the afterlife and how to reconcile these ideas theologically.

Then, we rented “A Mighty Heart” which stars Angelina Jolie and is about the life and death of American journalist Daniel Pearl. A gripping movie.

It was SO nice to sleep in my own bed next to my wife (and Spike). I have to head back to seminary at 4pm, and write a few papers due this week. I am grateful for the experience at school, and for the grace and understanding from my friends and family. I miss Enoch’s Path, and look forward to seeing them next week.

It’s also hard to be away when life happens to my loved ones. This week, my oldest sister Tami discovered a lump which has now been biopsied and awaits for the results tomorrow. Then, my friend/brother Paul Filan lost his young brother to an overdose. I desperately want to be able to just drive up to Clio and be with him, but I just can’t. My heart and prayers are with him.

Anyway, I will try to write more soon.

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