As the bell tolls

9pm EST Jan. 28th 2008


Washington D.C.

Barack Obama sits quitely next to new pal and endorser Ted Kennedy, most likely thinking “One year, and I’ll have to be up there trying to make up for the past 8 years.”

Before the State of the Union, Nancy Pelosi was asked what she felt about the Presidents speech coming up…she said, “I’m glad it is his last one.”

As the President came in, he faced a whole country where 69% of the population believe we’re heading in the wrong direction and a congress shares a combined 18% approval rating. Daunting indeed.

No frills, very little retrospection, no apologies.

He covered the economy, and the war. That’s about it. Interestingly, the last time a President and Vice President were at their last State of the Union where neither were seeking re-election was in the early 1920’s.

357 more days until Bush is out of office.  

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