Phil Pennock 20 Years Later

I wasn’t able to post this on the day, because I was in Seminary.

It was 20 years ago, Jan. 8th, 1988 when our friend Phil Pennock died. Phil and I grew up together, going to the same elementary school, and played in band  together. He was on the trombone line (the other “good” line, other than percussion in our band).

It was a day I’ll never forget. We’d just ended a particular straining practice in band. I put away all the drum gear, and headed out into the hall for my next class when a friend came running down the hall saying that Phil had collapsed. Then, seemingly just as fast, another person yelled that he was gone. Phil had severe asthma and never really let it stop him before, yet it caught up with him that day.

I remember being dismissed early from school and walking down the street to Jim’s house. The sky was an eerie green color. The day of Phil’s funeral came in a few days, and we were all stunned. The whole band was there, the swim team, the whole class, many of the teachers.

I can’t believe that it’s been twenty years since this all happened.

Anyway, I still remember you bud.


One response to “Phil Pennock 20 Years Later

  1. Is it possible that is has been 20 years? I still remember that day. It was so horrible. Thanks for rmembering Phil. I still remember too.

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