Coffee, and then more coffee

This morning, I drove to GR to meet w/ my mentor, Bruce. We always meet at “Biggby’s” coffee on Breton. It was great to catch up as I haven’t seen him since before my intensive last month.

After this, I called up my friend Rob who met me at “Marie Katrib’s” (I don’t know if that is the right spelling) in East GR. We had some amazing omelette’s and some Turkish coffee. I love turkish, but I have to watch my intake. Today, four cups. WAY too much for me. It was SOOOO good though. We had a nice chat about life, church/organic community. Great times!

I spent the rest of the afternoon almost trading in our Volvo for a newer one, but after four hours at the dealership Mel and I pulled out of it. We just didn’t like the sound and feel of it, and didn’t want to add even a small monthly payment right now.

That’s about it. Molly starts Tae Kwon Do tomorrow (God help us all).


2 responses to “Coffee, and then more coffee

  1. Every butt within a 6 mile radius that is less then 2 feet off the ground will surely be kicked!


  2. Maybe they’ll start sharing Molly Farrand facts on the web someday?

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