Line em up, Knock em down!


Cnn is projecting ANOTHER primary victory for Barack Obama!!! Maine’s voting ended at 8pm and it is pretty clear that he has the margin. With Hilary firing her campaign manager after super tuesday, and three straight obama wins…things are looking up for our future (in my opinion).

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4 responses to “Line em up, Knock em down!

  1. George Vreeland Hill

    Obama says he is about change.
    I never heard how he plans to change things.
    Is he all talk?

    George Vreeland Hill

  2. The best Presidency in the history of the United States of America for the working man and woman was during the Clinton years. Nobody disputes that! The biggest states which are neccessary to win the Presidential election are California and New York, which Hillary Clinton beat the pants off of Barack Obama. Nobody disputes that! Obama is for change. Nobody disputes that! Obama may be better or worse than Bush. Nobody disputes that. Obama may not beat McCain in California and New York! Nobody disputes that. Hillary Clinton has a history of making America better and winning in California and New York! Why in the name of God would anyone take a chance on Obama with the future of the greatest nation on earth at stake!!!!!!

  3. Dear George and Matt, thanks so much for your comments. I truly respect our freedom to have differing opinions! George, if you could visit you can read up on some of his proposals.

    Matt, I think a lot of people actually dispute the claim that Bill Clinton was the best president in history. That’s a pretty big claim, and I have serious doubts as to the degree in which Hilary played a role in it. Just because she was his wife during his time in office does not mean she is experienced as a President. My personal opinion is that Obama has the best strategies and plans for our future, you may not agree with me but that is what’s so great about this country. There’s no need to waste exclamation points when voicing your opinions.

  4. Wow…see what happens when you get political in a blog? The woodwork drains itself.

    I was just going to point out that there is a better than good chance that the ‘pointspread’ of delegates is so close that Michigan & Florida’s primaries are probably going to come into question…but of course our dumbass party heads have decided to go against the DNC’s request for us to hold a caucus…but I’m sure they know what they’re doing…ha.

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