U.S to attempt to shoot down faulty satellite

Ok, so President Bush (aka “genius boy”) has ordered the military to shoot down a defective spy satellite before it falls to earth and spews forth toxic fuel. (story from NY times)

Let me get this totally straight….

Step 1: We fire a SPY (as in looking into anyone’s business from space) satellite into space in 2006 – not 1956, 1986 or even 1996…
Step 2: We fill said with toxic fuel – specifically a half ton of hydrazine
Step 3: We design it so poorly that it it quits working in less than 2 years – did GM get this contract?
Step 4: In oder to save the planet from further damage, we’re going to shoot it from the sky so it will spew the dangerous chemicals into the emptiness of space

File this under “good ideas from Bush’s office”

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5 responses to “U.S to attempt to shoot down faulty satellite

  1. If you like, you could have it placed nicely in your backyard. It will make a great yard decoration.


  2. oh sure, but it still just feels good to know i have that satellite watching over me/pummeling towards me as i sleep. i don’t need results, man, i just need feelings. more troops? that feels good. that feels safe for me. arresting muslums and people who seem to sort of resemble muslums aka terrorists? AWESOME.

    don’t forget that america is a force for good in the world, pal.

  3. ps. i don’t know how to spell “muslims” cause they DON’T MATTER.

  4. Chad,
    This satellite issue is of no surprise to me. It’s a spiritual battle between good & evil. Sounds like evil, huh? On another note, here is the website for the laundry soap nuts that I told your woman I would send. Along with anyone else that would like to check them out:)
    I hope Jeff Daniels sings a song about it! lol
    mother t

  5. I’d rather have the slight notion of our government MAYBE spying on me (still doubt it) if it saves lives. If GW wasn’t doing anything to combat terrorism then I’d be mad, we always seem to be mad when something happens, but then the Government combats it….and they’re still wrong. Hmm….far from Big Brother folks. The US Government doesn’t give a crap about your phone conversation you had with Sally about your one night stand 2 weeks ago.

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