Back in the day, my dad bought us a Betamax by Sony. It had a far superior sound and video capacity than its rival VHS. Nonetheless, in the end JVC triumphed with their less expensive VHS video tape.

A few years ago, Sony announced this new format coming out called “Blu-ray” and at the same time Toshiba announced their own version of HD DVD. So many have been comparing this version war with the old one…but as my dad said, “Sony’s not going to loose again.” He was right.

As of today, Toshiba announced that they will stop manufacturing their HD DVD players. This comes one day after Wal-Mart announced that they would exclusively back Blu-ray.

So, it’s now safe to upgrade. Want the cheapest Blu-ray player? Buy a Sony Playstation 3 (ok, at least for now…we all know that cheaper ones are now on the horizon. they already have blu-ray recorders out so it shouldn’t be long)


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