Ok, not to freak anyone out or anything. But last night I was studying for a Greek vocab test. In the midst of that, I was talking with mel and suddenly my head hurt then I couldn’t remember anything from the day. Mel helped me recall details from the day, but it took awhile for the headache to go away, and bits and pieces of my memory are still missing.

Stupidly, I took the vocab test this morning and blew it (I’m still doing well in the class overall), which sucks because I spent so long studying. I’m heading to the doctor to see what could be going on as this has happened a few times now.


4 responses to “Scary

  1. Wow! We’ll be praying for you, friend!

  2. Yeah man, rest some more and let us know what the doctor says.

    Not to make light of this (although that is my specialty), I have to say that there are a surprising amount of memories that I wish I COULD lose. Too bad you can’t pick and choose which ones go…

  3. Thanks Gina and Andy. I wish there were memories I could pick too. I feel like I’m living somewhere in between ‘eternal sunshine’ and a ‘spotless mind.’

    What really sucks is that I keep having to re-learn Greek…and re-read much of my reading for seminary.

  4. Hey, what’s going on? You’re supposed to call me when this stuff happens. I shouldn’t have to find out on your blog.

    I guess that’s enough scolding. I am praying for you, I will call you tonight.

    BTW: I’m sure that 20 years from now, when you are teaching Greek, this “quiz” will be of little concern to you or your students. LOL

    Love Son

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