2 Happy Thoughts on Oscar’s

Ok, two things about the Oscars then I have to finish my term paper for CM115.

1. It was awesome to spot my old friend John Mclaughlin in the crowd early in the show. THEN, to watch him perform a song he sang in Disney’s “Enchanted!”

I was elated when they won. This movie is one of my top fav. and the soundtrack is always on at our home.

Ok, that’s it…back to work.


2 responses to “2 Happy Thoughts on Oscar’s

  1. How do you know John McLaughlin?

    And no matter your answers, I’m not really surprised.

    I was happy for Falling Slowly too, I was sure Enchanted was going to scoop that up. The “Happy Cleaning Song” or whatever it was called, was more inventive than I’d thought when Amy Adams performed it.

    I still don’t put as much stock in the Oscars as I used to. Ever since Black Hawk Down got “Best Editing” over Memento. If there’s ONE award (ONLY one) that Memento shouldn’t have even had competition for, it’s editing. After that, I’ve just been burned. Occasionally a real winner (“Once” for example) will sneak through and I feel as though it’s a win for all little guys, Memento included.

  2. i loved the girls comments when Jon Stewart got her back out after the commercial break. That was one of the highlights of the night for me.


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