Organic Greenhouse 1

greand-rapids-green-house-025.jpg (here’s a funny picture from Greenhouse by Jim Best. That’s Rich Rienstra with a women that’s totally asleep during one of Neil’s talks)Well, it’s sunday night March 2nd, 2008 10:00pm.I’m at home recovering from a good weekend with friends, old and new. After a long time of preparing, we were able to host the first CMA Greenhouse in Michigan! We all met up at Calvin College’s “Prince Conference Center” in Grand Rapids. Neil Cole and Brad Fieldhouse flew out to lead it, and did a great job (as always).We had just about everyone in the tapestry leadership there which was fun. Eric and I bought each of us a copy of Neil’s new book on discipleship. On Friday night, our dear friend Jim Best stayed the night with us. Saturday started early, and then over lunch I had the honor of introducing our new Organic Greenhouse Coaching Team (! Then, after the seminars were over Carlos and Sarah, Jim Best, Sarah Fossati and Mel and I all went down to the “On the Boarder” for dinner and laughs.Then this morning, Eric and I met up at 5th Reformed (Tapestry’s official parent church) to talk with an adult sunday school about us and Tapestry. We basically had a q and a time and met some wonderful people there at 5th. It’s been a joy getting to know them better! Then, I went and picked up Brad and then he and I met Eric and Ben Ingebretsen over at Wolfgang’s in East GR for some great food and awesome conversation.I had to jet a little early from this afternoon’s session as I was needed at home to meet up with our dear ones Jes and Katie were coming over. My momma and niece Paris also dropped in to see us which was a nice surprise.So, as you can imagine, I’m beat. So, I am getting some sleep before heading BACK to GR to take my sister to an appt. in the morning.Shalom to you,Chad


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