Man, this water has a water kick to it!

I don’t know how many of you have been paying attention to the AP report of trace amounts of drugs in the water supply for 41 million Americans in 24 metro areas (including Detroit). This news prompted our local nbc news station (wood tv 8) to investigate the drinking water in Grand Rapids. Guess what?

They found traces of hormones, steroids, ibuprofen and acetaminophen in the water supply.

The study suggests that the levels tend to be minimal enough to simply pass through the body and be passed out as waste, which then gets flushed into the waste water system. One of the professors at Calvin is studying the affect the antibiotics are having on the drinking in Grand Haven. Apparently, they have been using living microbes that eat harmful elements in their drinking water supply. The fear i that the antibiotics in the water are killing these microbes thusly allowing potentially harmful agents into the common system.

So, next time you get a headache, try some water.


One response to “Man, this water has a water kick to it!

  1. I heard this one and I am hearing people talk about the problem being akin to the syringes washing up on the beaches. Actually I think the problem is the “filter” at the water treatment plant. After all, it is protocol at every hospital in the nation to dispose of meds into the nearest sink.


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