I’m posting today amid my semester break. Four more days!!

Today here in mid-michigan is COLD with a chance of snow. So, that means Chad is in bed with an electric blanket around his legs living on vicodin.  I’m not complaining, just telling you the reality of my life.

It’s been a good week though. Sunday I turned 36, yes that tipping point between thirties and forty. I spent the day with Mel and the kids. We went out for burgers at Red Robin (I thought the girls would like it, turns out I was right), then Mel and I went to see the new Will Ferrell movie “Semi-Pro” (funny, I think funnier than the first time I saw Talledaga Nights or Blades of Glory) and the girls went to see “Horton Hears a Who” with their Grandma Farrand. Then, Monday night I drove back to Lansing and my mom took me out to dinner at PF Changs! I love that place.

My mom takes each of us kids out on our birthday’s, which has become a dear tradition to me. Afterwards, mom and I went back to her place and just talked for two hours. We rarely get time anymore to just sit and talk, but it’s always worth it.

Tuesday, rain….see above to get an idea of my day.

Then, I kept waking up in pain throughout the night and have pretty much been unable to move yet.

Tomorrow, we kick off our Greenhouse in Holland. I’m really looking forward to that. I’d be just happy to sit and drink some tea with Brian, Chad and Eric if nothing else. These guys are really a blessing to have in my life, and I look forward to widening that circle tomorrow!

Anyway, grace and peace to you today.


One response to “Break

  1. happy belated birthday, friend. i’m sad to hear about the weather and its effect on you. it is sunny and in the 50s today in denver. this is my passive aggressive attempt to get you and the fam to come visit 🙂

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