Molly is in the paper

That’s molly on the right in green.

Yesterday, my little girl Molly was in the local paper. She and her older sister, Kailey, are taking Tae Kwon Do at the local community center. On tuesday night, a local reporter came in and took pictures for the paper. This was the one that made it in! You can see the whole article here.

Kailey was pretty bummed that her picture didn’t make it, but was happy for her sister. They are both still white belts, but Kailey is set to take her yellow belt test next month! They have a great instructor who does really well with the kids. As you can see in the picture, the class has a wide range of ages.


One response to “Molly is in the paper

  1. A wide range of ages….wait, are you saying the guy in the white pajamas is a student??! I assumed that was the teacher!
    Congrats Molly for making it in the paper, and sorry for Kailey! But there will be lots of opportunity’s throughout their school years to make it in there again! Make sure you keep this in a scrapbook or something, because years later she’ll forget about this.

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