Wal-mart sues disabled woman

In a huge PR move, Wal-Mart Inc. is suing a former employee who was hit by a semi 8 years ago who lost her short-term memory and now lives in a nursing home. At the time, as an employee of Wal-Mart and a part of their health benefits. They paid her medical expenses quickly, but then after the couple won a lawsuit from the trucking company, Wal-Mart is now asking for their money back. How much? $460,000! Just about all of what the couple made in the suit in order to pay for her on-going medical care.

But it gets worse. Last year, the husband had to divorce her in order to get Medicare to pay enough to take care of her. THEN, she lost her 18 year-old son in Iraq and she can’t remember his death.

Now, Wal-Mart has every legal right to do this. It is in their health plan clause that if the employee recoups any earnings from an outside settlement related to the illness or injury, Wal-Mart reserves the right to recover expenses. But this seems a little heart-less to me.

Nice wal-mart, nice.

Go to Cnn.Com and see the full story on Debbie Shank.


4 responses to “Wal-mart sues disabled woman

  1. I blame our legal system. Because you hit the nail on the head, they have every legal right to make this move, but it’s nonetheless heartless. You’d think the family’s lawyer would’ve WARNED them when they took up the suit in the first place.
    They had to get divorced though for medicare to help? Again…Medicare’s fault for their crazy ass rules trying to protect themselves…or is it our lack of free health care’s fault?
    And lastly, the part about her son just breaks your heart. That may be one of the worst things I’ve ever heard.

  2. Remember when Wal-Mart used to sell only “Made In America” products? Well, it is at least nice to know that they are still “Sold In America”. (after typing that last phrase, Jim realized it could have 2 meanings)


  3. I have a great idea to show Wal-Mart what the USA thinks of their lawsuit against Ms. Shank: On the SAME day, everyone send Ms. Shank the money they had planned to spend at Wal-Mart, whether it be $1.00 or $20.00. There are enough people in this country to surpass any amount of money Wal-Mart will take away from Ms. Shank. And, the bonus will be that Wal-Mart will not make any money that day which will bring down their quarter sales figures.

    Please pass this idea to all of your friends!!! We cannot change what Wal-Mart does, but we can help Ms. Shank’s family live through their tragedies. Anyone can donate through the Bank of America, Debbie Shank fund. And, if for some reason your Bank of America does not have the info on the Debbie Shank fund, have them call: 573.339.6500. I read about where to donate on the openthread.dailykos.com/storyonly/2008/3/29/114727/472/212/485916 website.

  4. Added to my last comment. If you would like to mail a donation:

    Bank of America
    320 W. Main
    Jackson, MO 63755
    c/o “The Debbie Shank Fund”
    Phone: 573.339.6500

    I am going to tell all of my friends, hope you will too.

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