I just put up a picture my dad took at Nick-a-Jack recently. I’m in bed right now freezing and in pain so I felt like it would do good to put up a nice, warm image to inspire me.


One response to “cold

  1. BTW: In case you Yanks haven’t heard, This beautiful spot (Lake Nick-A-Jack)is the exact spot that the State of Georgia is trying to take away from Tennessee. This sometimes heated argument centers around Georgia’s desperate need for water. Allegedly there is an underground lake in a cave close to where this picture was taken that was created when the TVA started building a series of dams in the Tennessee River. The GA legislature now claims that the cave (and Lake Nick-A-Jack are located within the original northwest boarder of Georgia.

    This tidbit of news may not make headlines in the North, but it is a very big deal here in the southeast. If Georgia is successful in this new “war between the States”, Tennessee will not only give up a 1 mile strip that will include part of Chattanooga, East Ridge and (here is the biggest rub)Lookout Mountain! Lookout Mountain is home to some of the wealthiest families in Tennessee (and the entire Southeast). This takeover seems to be about more than just water!

    Georgia does desperately need additional sources of fresh water due to the severe drought that has plagued the state for the past two years. So, please join me, and thousands of other citizens in Tennessee and Georgia, in prayer for God’s blessing of water for Georgia (without stripping Tennessee of Lake Nick-A-Jack).

    I am also praying that Michigan will warm up soon so my son (Chad) and two daughters won’t have to suffer from the pain that cold weather brings to those of us who have CMT.

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