Google Fools Day!

This has become an annual event in itself. How will Google pull a prank each April 1st? Last year, they said they were offering free DSL and even gave illustrated instructions to connect via your toilet. This year, I’ve see a couple of them.

First, if you use Gmail, you’ll see the latest “time” feature which supposedly lets you set the time back on your emails (but only can go as far back as April 1, 2004 – the date that Gmail was launched because dating a Gmail email prior to when Gmail existed would cause some kind of universal implosion).

Secondly, there’s an announcement of a partnership deal between Google and the Virgin company named “Virgle” which promises a new colony on Mars. There’s even a video up of the two founders of Google explaining it, and a second welcome video from Richard Branson, founder of Virgin. You can take a test to see if you are qualified to become a Virgle pioneer and then apply online!

Well done Google, well done.


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