Windy City here I come

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be heading to Chicago with Carlos and Sarah, and a bunch from Mosaic Way to attend the “Everything Must Change” conference w/ Brian Mclaren. I haven’t seen Brian since last October, and it’s always refreshing to be with him. I think Tim Keel is coming up as well, and I can’t wait to heep on praises to him about his new book. In any case, I’m sure it will be packed with memories as road trips always are…especially when traveling up 80 to Chicago and getting stuck in the inevitable traffic.

Mel is going to drop me off, and the Avrard’s daughter is coming over to spend the night with my girls. They can’t wait!!

We are heading out to our quarterly Parent/Teacher conferences at our kids school. Depending on the girls grades (which have always been good up till now) we typically take them out for dinner to celebrate their achievements. In all honesty, we are going to go out anyway because Mel was gone all day at work making up for two co-workers calling in and I’m not up for cooking tonight.

Then, I’m heading to Lowell at 7pm to hang out at Voyage’s coffee shop with Ben. He and I’ve been talking/praying about hosting a new community there. Pray that God sends some people who need this type of community in their lives.


One response to “Windy City here I come

  1. Odd coincidence – Chandra wanted to do a spontaneous trip to Chicago, so we’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday. Woo! Maybe we’ll see you there…except you’ll be busy and we’ll be shoppin’. Wait a second…I think I’ve been duped into a shopping trip…

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