So, I did something today that I don’t normally do: I went to a church building for a weekly worship service.

For the first time in 2008, I got up, got ready and went to an 11am service (with Kailey).

Here’s the thing, I really enjoyed it. Not that I wasn’t expecting to or anything, but I was surprised with my own resonance with the whole ethos. Part of it was probably that my friend/mentor Bruce lead much of the service, and I could really relate with John’s message on Acts 2. Also, I felt like I was one of the most dressed up guys in the whole place, yea me!

Anyway, it was a real pleasure. Although, I felt a little weird not seeing my friends Craig and Craig there (I think they are both gone right now).

This week is going to be NUTS! Tomorrow, I gotta plow through a bunch of school work, then the next three days Mel and I will be at a training event for Head Start – we are going to team lead some parenting classes in the area, and this is our training for it. Then, friday we head back to Fifth (the church I was at this morning – for a membership class/dinner…THEN on saturday we drive BACK to fifth for our West Michigan worship event w/ Tapestry (4-6pm).

So, prepare for a lull in posting this week!


One response to “Fifth

  1. Is this your indirect way of telling me not to expect to see you at the pub on Tuesday? 🙂 I saw I missed your call. It’s cool. But not THAT cool…

    Stupid responsible adults…being all responsible…

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