Nearly There

Well, I’ve nearly made it through our stressful week. Melody had a good time in Lansing from Tuesday to Thursday. The best part was being able to just be together all day for three straight days. The training was really good, but long! I’m going to be playing a bit of catch up with school as a result. We’re both pretty wiped out physically.

Tonight, we dropped the kids off at Chuck and Tami’s place and headed over to Fifth Reformed where we had dinner and then attended a membership class led by Bruce Mulder (always nice to be with him) and were able to see friends, and make some new ones.

Tomorrow, we head back to Fifth for our West Michigan Worship gathering for Tapestry. We’re setting up several prayer stations and offering communion, plus some activities for the kids. Then, a few of us are planning on going out for dinner to unwind afterwards. If you are around, join us! We’ll be at 5th from 4-6pm, then dinner after (yet to be determined – but hopefully the Michigan Brewery!)

Sunday, my father in law is playing guitar with the youth of their church at some fund-raiser, so we are heading to Hastings to support them. This is the first time he has played for anyone outside of home, so I’m really pulling for him. They are playing some song by a group called “Casting Crowns” who I think I’ve heard of before. Should be fun.


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