Grey Covering

Ok, I’m going to admit something. This really isn’t something I hide, because I tell anyone who asks but here it goes: I color my hair to cover up my grey.

Now for the stock reply I give everyone. “I am actually thankful for my hair because my dad and grandpa farrand are/were bald. I got my mom’s and grandpa aldrich’s hair which is thick, grows fast and goes grey early. I’d rather have a lot of grey hair than no hair. I also think my dad looks good with no hair on top, just to say.”

Here’s why I’m writing this. Over the past few years, I’ve become more and more comfortable with my skin, my life and my sexuality. I’m not really threatened by displaying any “feminine” traits I have (including my love for good shoes). That being said, on the way home last night I asked mel to stop in at Walgreens so I could get hair dye. She said, “Well, you need a haircut anyway so why don’t you have them just do that too?”

Now here’s where I defy my own sexual identity comfort level…I said, “mmm, no I’ll just dye my hair. It feels too de-masculating to do that.” So, somehow I’ve convinced myself that I am somehow more male by putting on little plastic gloves, dying my own hair THEN go to Fantastic Sams (I always go to the same lady there, she’s great) where they shampoo, rinse and trim my hair. Aren’t I ridiculous?

So, next time you see me you have full permission to mock my hair dye and my false sense of identity as a strong man.


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