Test Results

So here’s the story: 

For the past few months, I’ve been experiencing at times a “fog” in my brain, and at others complete short-term memory loss. This has raked havoc in my life, especially in my Masters pursuit (thank God for the wonderful people at Western!!!). So, it’s been getting worse and worse. My specialist down in Detroit ordered an EEG and two different MRI’s (one on my brain and one on my spine). Those tests got done a week ago at the new Metro Health hospital in Grand Rapids – which is an amazing place. 

Well, I got the report back today and it’s your classic good news, bad news situation. 

Good news: EEG came back clear so no strokes or seizures. MRI brain scan came back clear, so no tumors or undue pressure buildup or various other scary things. 

Bad News: MRI from my spine is showing that there is deterioration in the bones in my neck/spine. 

What this means, I don’t know. I don’t know if this is somehow tying to my memory loss, and won’t know until my doctor is back in the country in two weeks. Don’t know the treatment, help in stopping it or whatever. 

So that’s the scary news. (although I still think I’m in good enough condition to accept the nomination for VP – don’t count me out Barak – just think, an African American President with a crippled, unexperienced white guy as VP…it’s like a trifecta)


One response to “Test Results

  1. Wouldn’t that be more of a bifecta?

    That’s scary stuff you have to deal with man. I’m sorry to hear the bad part of the news. We’ll be praying for your health and hopefully there are some easy things in place for treating this stuff.

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