In the name of love

This morning, I awoke with one single thought: I get to spend time with Jes and Katie today.

We all got ready, and drove over to “G-Crap” to see them. It was AWESOME to spend time with my dear ones. We ventured to the Starbucks in E. GR and went back to laugh and let the kids play baseball in the front yard at Sarah’s place. We then drove down to Bombay’s for a great lunch. today they have a buffet (which is one of the only buffet’s I’ll actually eat) and it was buy one Oberon and get a second free day!!! Then I told a bunch of dumb jokes, others told good jokes and we just laughed our way into the afternoon.

After this, we drove to Lansing to spend time with Enoch’s Path. We met behind the Pregnancy Resource center to meet tonight, and our friend Jaquline led the conversation on Chapters 2-3 of Mclaren’s “Everything Must Change” book.

Tonight, I began working on my term paper for one class and download an amazing album. It is called “In the name of love: Africa celebrates U2.” It was written and produced as a big thank you to Bono. It’s pretty amazing really. There’s a killer version of “Bullet the Blue Sky” on it, and Vusi Mahlasela’s version of “Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own” will make you cry. Amazing. This is what I am falling to sleep to.


One response to “In the name of love

  1. jes and katie were in grand rapids today?

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